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Featured Historical Contest 1974 U.S. Open Prelims Marion OH

Friday August 9, 1974

Marion OHU.S. Open PrelimsSTADIUM: Harding Stadium
1 Santa Clara Vanguard 83.750
2 Madison Scouts 83.100
3 Blue Devils 78.250
4 Black Knights 76.550
5 De La Salle Oaklands 75.750
6 Bleu Raeders 72.000
7 Royal Crusaders 71.700
8 Polish Falcon Cadets 70.150
9 Blue Rock 65.400
10 Marion Cadets 65.050
11 Pioneer 64.500
12 Americanos 64.150
13 Etobicoke Crusaders 62.950
14 Percussion-naut Patriots 62.850
15 Seneca Princemen 61.300
16 Black Watch (NJ) 61.150
17 Squires 60.800
18 Colt 45s 60.500
19 Geneseo Knights 60.150
20 Grenadiers 60.050
21 Chevaliers (IA) 57.800
22 CapitolAires 55.000
23 General Butler Vagabonds 53.100
24 St. John's Girls 50.000
25 Monarchs 47.000
26 Iron Brigade 45.000
27 Spectacle City Mariners 43.100
28 Sacred Heart Crusaders 40.650

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