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corpsreps.com is a growing database of music performed by drum corps over the years. Besides repertoires, we also have scores, written histories and pictures. We love to hear from our visitors. Comments, suggestions, questions and especially additional information are welcome. If you have a question, please look at the Frequently Asked Questions section below. The answer might be there.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why should I buy music through corpsreps? Your purchases of recordings from Amazon help support the operations of this site.
  2. Can a drum corps use your database to create a page for their site?
    Yes. We'd be happy to discuss that with you. Depending on your setup, we have several ways to accomplish this. Email Chris Maher at chris@corpsreps.com
  3. Can you send me sheet music for one of the songs listed?
    No. Many people ask for sheet music. Unfortunately, we do not have that type of information available. Try Sheetmusic.com or Stantons sheet music
  4. Can you send me arrangements of music performed by one of the corps listed?
    No. Your best bet is to contact the corps directly.
  5. Can you send me lyrics for songs?
    No. If you are looking for lyrics for a Broadway musical, check the Musicals.Net web site. They have lyrics for many popular Broadway productions. Some other useful sites are:
    • lyricsfind.com - look up lyrics for any artist
    • IMDb.com - resource for movie and TV show information and actor biographies
  6. Can you send me recordings of one of the listed songs?
    No. For non-drum corps versions, we have listed recording information whenever we have any. For drum corps versions, you need to contact DCI or DCA or the corps. Besides our links try the following:
  7. Why don't you have sound clips of the songs on the site?
    We'd love to, but there are too many copyright problems. However, check the song title links to Amazon. You will find audio clips of non-drum corps versions of many of the songs.
  8. Why don't you have my favorite corps listed?
    Our policy is to only lists corps if we have pictures, repertoire and/or score/position information. We will not simply list a corps name with no additional information. If you have such information, we would be most happy to include it in the database.
  9. Do you have or know of a site where you can find names of corps members from the past?
    YES! corpsreps.com now offers this feature. See our members page.
  10. Can you give me more information about a contest?
    All the information we have about contests are included on the detail pages for the show. If you need more information, contact the sanctioning organization or contest sponsor.

Send comments about this site to
info@corpsreps.com for general site comments and questions
juniors@corpsreps.com for junior corps, including repertoires
seniors@corpsreps.com for senior corps, including repertoires
history@corpsreps.com for corps histories (not repertoires)
scores@corpsreps.com for contest scores
pictures@corpsreps.com to submit your personal corps pictures for our photo gallery
If you publish this data in any format please give us credit for compiling the data and please make reference to this site.

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