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Song History for Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1993 Did you march Pacific Crest?
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YearPositionScore Theme/Songs
1996     Selections from Jekyll and Hyde - I Need to Know (from Jekyll and Hyde) * Take Me as I Am (from Jekyll and Hyde) * It's A Dangerous Game (from Jekyll and Hyde) * The World Has Gone Insane (from Jekyll and Hyde) * Confrontation (from Jekyll and Hyde) * Alive (from Jekyll and Hyde)  
1997     Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - To Think of a Story (from Frankenstein) * The Creation (from Frankenstein) * The Escape (from Frankenstein) * Friendless (from Frankenstein) * Evil Stitched to Evil (from Frankenstein)  
1998     Hamlet: The play by Shakespeare, the film by Kenneth Branagh the score by Patrick Doyle - The Ghost Death & Anguish * I Loved You Once * What Players are They * Madness  
1999     The Dracula Ballet - Incident At Charing X Station * Dance Of The Effigies * Seduction At Castle Dracula * The Crypt * The Death of Dracula  
2000     Joan of Arc - Music of Richard Einhorn's Voices of Light - Voices of Light, a Mass for St. Joan of Arc * A Call To Arms (from Joan of Arc) * The Siege of Chinon (from Joan of Arc) * The Miracle (from Joan of Arc) * Sacraments (from Joan of Arc) * Coronation (from Joan of Arc) * Betrayal, Trial and Torture (from Joan of Arc) * The Fire of the Dove Angels in the Cleansing Flames (from Joan of Arc)  
2001     Age of Empire - The Adoration of Veless and Ala (from Scythian Suite) * The Enemy God and Dance of the Spirits of Darkness (from Scythian Suite) * The Glorious Departure of Lolly and the Sun's Procession (from Scythian Suite) * Her Name Was Merit (from The Egyptian) * The Reprimand (from the Prince of Egypt) * Following Tzipporah * Red Sea (from the Prince of Egypt) * The Battle (from Gladiator) * The Barbarian Horde (from Gladiator)  
2002     Reinvention - Atmadja * Ravendhi * Seisuoso * Ombra * Incantation (from Quidam) * Distrorted * Urban  
2003 17 79.300 Invocacion a Poderosos - Moonlight on the Parana * Invocation to the Spirits of Power * Dawn on the Parana  
2004 19 77.850 On Dangerous Ground: Music of Bernard Hermann - The Man Who Knew Too Much * The Snows of Kilimanjaro * Baghdad (from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad) * Death Hunt (from On Dangerous Ground)  
2005 19 77.250 Fluid States: Vapor, Solid, Liquid - Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes * Sinfonia Antarctica  
2006 21 74.900 From the City of Angels - City of Angels * Double Talk Walk (from City of Angels) * With Every Breath I Take (from City of Angels) * I'm Nothing Without You (from City of Angels)  
2007 17 79.525 What Happens in Vegas - Viva Las Vegas * Love for Sale * Angel Eyes * Luck Be A Lady (from Guys and Dolls)  
2008 17 79.650 Primality: the Rituals of Passion - Blood Diamonds * The Wind and The Lion * Dralion  
2009 19 79.050 El Corazon de la Gente: Alegria, Amor, y Fuerte - Symphonic Dances (Danzas Sinfonicas) * Sinfonia India * Pampeana No 3 – Impetuosamente * Variaciones Concertantes * Symphonic Dance No. 3 - Fiesta  
2010 18 80.350 The Maze - Machu Picchu * Asphalt Cocktail * Sam's Gone (from I Am Legend) * Turbine  
2011 18 77.750 Push, Pull, Twist, Turn - Lauds (Praise High Day) * Push * Adagietto, Symphony #5 * Serenada Schizophrana * AirLink  
2012 16 80.250 The Spectrum - Butterfly Yellow from Bright Colored Dances * Tarantella Red from Bright Colored Dances * Yellow * Blue Sapphire (from Colours) * End Credits from Green Lantern - First Flight * True Colors  
2013 16 82.300 Transfixed - Fix a Heart * Instinctive Travels * Drum Music  
2014 20 78.900 No Strings Attached ... - Shadowplay - from Ka' (Cirque du Soleil) * Firefly * Original Music - Tango * Orpheus In The Underworld: Overture  
2015 21 74.925 The Catalyst - Scythian Suite * Liberi Fatali (from Final Fantasy) * Enjoy The Silence * Angels in the Architecture  
2016 19 78.875 The Union - Foundry * AHA! * Fix You * Engine * Point Blank * Last Train Home  
2017     Golden State of Mind - California Dreamin’ * Kaleidoscope of Mathematics (from A Beautiful Mind Soundtrack) * Arrival of the Birds * Alfonso Muskedunder * Moving On (from the Lost Soundtrack)  

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Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps, Position 999 indicates results unknown

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