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Song History for Millennium Verdello, Italy
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YearPositionScore Theme/Songs
2006     THE ETERNAL CYRANO DE BERGERAC - Cyrano Awaits Montfleury (from Eternal Cyrano) * Cyrano: Mighty Swordsman and Lonely Poet (from Eternal Cyrano) * Secret Love for Roxane (from Eternal Cyrano) * Dueling Cyrano Challenges All (from Eternal Cyrano) * Cyrano Reveals His Love With His Last Breath (from Eternal Cyrano)  
2007     1492: Mundus Novus - Preparation of the Caravels in Palos (from 1492: Mundus Novus) * The Endless Sea (from 1492: Mundus Novus) * Fear as Night Falls (from 1492: Mundus Novus) * Cultures Collide (from 1492: Mundus Novus) * Stormy Seas / Return to Europe (from 1492: Mundus Novus)  
2008     Inferno di Dante - Dante Meets Virgilio (from Inferno di Dante) * Caronte (Ferryman of Souls) and Entrance into Hell (from Inferno di Dante) * Interview of Ulysses (from Inferno di Dante) * Tortured Souls and Demon Dance (from Inferno di Dante) * La Giudecca (from Inferno di Dante)  
2009     Lux - Sun, Fire, and Lightning (from Lux) * Aurora Borealis (from Lux) * Incandescance (from Lux) * Solar Power and Future Energy (from Lux)  
2010     Julius Caesar - The Battle (from Imperator) * The Coronation of Julius Caesar (from Imperator) * Julius Caesar Meets Cleopatra (from Imperator) * The Ides of March (from Imperator)  
2013     Voodoo - Origins (from Voodoo) * Rituals (from Voodoo) * Gris-Gris (from Voodoo) * Black magic (from Voodoo)  
2014     Chakra - Introduction, Root (Red) and Sacral (Orange) Chakras (from Chakra) * Solar (Yellow) and Heart (Green) Chakras (from Chakra) * Throat (Blue), Third Eye (Indigo) and Crown (Violet) Chakras (from Chakra)  
2015     Tarot - Fortune Teller (from Tarot) * The Emperor and Strength (from Tarot * The Fool (from Tarot) * The Magician (from Tarot) * The Lovers (from Tarot) * The Sun, Death, and Judgment (from Tarot)  

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Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps, Position 999 indicates results unknown

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