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Song History for Heat Wave Orlando, FL
Inactive Senior Corps founded in 1992 Did you march Heat Wave?
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homepage: http://www.heatwavecorps.org/
YearPositionScore Theme/Songs
1997 202 70.600 "A Summer Day in Florida" - Heat Wave * On and On * Surfin Safari * Wipe Out * Jaws * I Dream of Jeannie Theme * Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me  
1998 201 74.400 "A Summer Day in Florida - Part II" - Tropical Heat Wave * Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan * Fanfara * Fins * Florida Medley: Fins/Flipper/Jaws/I Dream of Jeannie * Jaws * Theme (from I Dream of Jeannnie) * Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me  
1999 202 69.300 Songs in the Keys of Florida - Melancholy Serenade * Kokomo * Cheeseburger in Paradise * Volcano * Fins * Here We Are * Oye  
2000 11 74.200 "Postcards From Florida" - Here Comes The Sun * Fever * Cheeseburgers & Drumsticks In The Pool Of Paradise * Reach * Oye  
2001 202 78.600 "Miami……Then And Now" - Danza Ritual Del Fuego * Rhythm of Our World (from Hot House) * Oye * MSM & Gloria  
2002 202 77.700 "The Music of Santana" - (Da Le) Yaleo * Black Magic Woman * Evil Ways * Jing-Go-Lo-Ba * Smooth  
2003 201 75.963 "Midnight Tango" - Morocco * Mas Que Nada * Egyptian Danza * Pais Tropical  
2004 204 73.500 "A Night Of Carnaval" - Carnaval * Samba Brazil * Girl from Ipanema * Este Noche * Santo Santo  
2005 205 71.288 "Heat Wave Does TIME" - Time from Dark Side of the Moon * Commencement * 3x3x2x2x2 = 72 * Take Five Tito * Artristry in Percussion * As Time Goes By (from Casablanca) * The Time Warp (from Rocky Horror Picture Show)  
2006     "Jazz Cubano – The Music of Stan Kenton and Chuck Mangione" - El Congo Valiente (from Cuban Fire Suite) * Recuerdos (from Cuban Fire Suite) * Quien Sabe (Who Knows) from Cuban Fire Suite * El Gato Triste  
2007     “Danza de la Corazon” - Quensabe Los Suertas de Los Tontos (from Cuban Fire Suite) * El Congo Valiente (from Cuban Fire Suite) * Recuerdos (from Cuban Fire Suite) * Celebration Suite  

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Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps, Position 999 indicates results unknown

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