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Song History for Carolina Gold Greensboro, NC
Active Senior Corps founded in 2001 Did you march Carolina Gold?
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homepage: http://www.carolinagold.org
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carolina_Gold_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
YearPositionScore Theme/Songs
2001     "Revolution" - Castle On A Cloud (from Les Miserables) * Dog Eat Dog (from Les Miserables) * At The End Of The Day (from Les Miserables) * Look Down (from Les Miserables) * Master Of The House (from Les Miserables) * Attack On Rue Plumet (from Les Miserables) * Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (from Les Miserables) * Valjean's Soliloquy (from Les Miserables) * Do You Hear The People Sing (from Les Miserables) * One Day More (from Les Miserables)  
2002 15 75.850 "Goldspell: A Celebration Of Life" - Prepare Ye (from Godspell) * Save the People (from Godspell) * We Beseech Thee (from Godspell) * Day By Day (from Godspell) * O Bless The Lord My Soul (from Godspell) * Alas Alas (from Godspell) * Finale (from Godspell)  
2003 13 81.063 "LA Confidential: The Music of Cy Coleman" - Prologue and Theme (from City of Angels) * Don't Take Much & Use What You Got (from The Life) * My Friend (from The Life) * Funny (from City of Angels)  
2004 11 81.088 "Hanging With Dave" - Warehouse * Dreaming Tree * Too Much * Kit Kat Jam * Drive In, Drive Out  
2005 8 85.988 "Reflections" - Summertime (from Porgy and Bess) * Fascinatin' Rhythm (from Lady Be Good) * I Got Rhythm (from Girl Crazy) * Autumn Leaves * Remembrance  
2006 10 84.775 "Monster off a Leash, The Music of Tower of Power" - You're Still a Young Man * What is Hip * You Can't Fall Up (You Just Fall Down) * Mr. Toad's Wild Ride  
2008 208 75.888 "American Holidays" - New Years * Gloria * Chester Overture * Halloween Medley * Carol of the Bells * 5 Golden Rings  
2009 204 76.063 "Requiem" - Dies Irae (from Days of Wrath) * Mass * Agnus Dei (from Adagio For Strings) * Lux Aeterna (from Requiem for a Dream) * Joy (from Awakening)  
2010 203 81.738 Primary Suspects - Perry Mason Theme * Prelude (from Psycho) * North by Northwest * Scene d'Amour * The Trouble With Harry * Death Hunt (from On Dangerous Ground)  
2011 203 83.850 A City Never Sleeps - New York State of Mind * Metroplex * Harlem Nocturne * Blue Rondo A La Turk * Unsquare Dance * Birdland  
2012 201 82.600 Out of the Shadows - Solveig's Song * Hall of the Mountain King (from Peer Gynt Suite #1) * Fix You * AHA!  
2013 10 84.030 Mission: Accepted - Original Music  
2014 9 85.200 The Darkest Hour - Moonlight Sonata * Night on Bald Mountain * Danse Macabre * The Lacrimosa from Requiem * Main Titles from Sleepy Hollow  
2015 11 82.950 Let It Snow - Palladio * Let It Go (from Frozen) * L’Inverno * The Frozen Cathedral  
2016 14 80.680 Mirror Mirror - Lux Aurumque * Fly to Paradise * Man In The Mirror * Mirrors * Joy (from Awakening) * Harrison's Dream * Serenada Schizophrana  
2017     So Into You... -  

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Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps, Position 999 indicates results unknown

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