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Song History for Pride of Soka Soka, Japan
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Other names: Royal Kilties
homepage: http://www.royalkilties.org
YearPositionScore Theme/Songs
1981     Marching of Olympia * Danny Boy  
1982     Pagliacci * Danny Boy  
1983     They're Playing Our Song * Masquarade * Mr. Jams  
1984     McDuffy's March * En Sueno * Pineapple Rag * The Greatest Love of All * Danny Boy  
1985     McDuffy's March * Xylophonea * One More Time Chuck Corea * Like A Lover  
1986     My Favorite Things (from The Sound Of Music) * Seaside Rendezvous * Even Now  
1987     Channel One Suite * Aquarius (from Hair) * Starlight Express  
1988     Bacchanalia * Cont Del Viento * Autumn Leaves  
1989     Ballet In Brass * Autumn Leaves  
1990     McDuffy's March * Caravan * Scotland the Brave * Auld Lang Syne  
1991     City of Angels - Theme from City of Angels * With Every Breath I Take (from City of Angels) * I'm Nothing Without You (from City of Angels)  
1992     The Rescuers Down Under - Main Theme from The Rescuers Down Under * The Mob Song (from Beauty and The Beast) * Transformation (from Beauty and The Beast)  
1993     Beauty and the Beast - Prologue and Belle (from Beauty and The Beast) * The Mob Song (from Beauty and The Beast) * Transformation (from Beauty and The Beast)  
1994     Brigadoon - Down on MacConnachy Square (from Brigadoon) * Almost Like Being in Love (from Brigadoon) * Come to Me Bend to Me (from Brigadoon) * The Chase (from Brigadoon)  
1995     Year of the Dragon - Toccata (from Year of the Dragon) * Interlude (from Year of the Dragon) * Finale (from Year of the Dragon) * Lament (from Year of the Dragon)  
1996     Sinfonia Noblissima * Nimrod (from Enigma Variations) * Galop Final * Touch Her Soft Lips and Part (from Henry V) * Agincourt Song (from Henry V)  
1997 206 81.300 At the Castle Gate - Sinfonia Noblissima * Gallop Final * Dance General * Nimrod (from Enigma Variations) * Agincourt Song (from Henry V)  
1998     The Sword and The Crown 3rd Mov. * The Sword and The Crown 2nd Mov. * Stonehenge  
1999     A Song of Moses, 1st Movement * Divertimento * A Song of Moses, 2nd Movement * A Song of Moses, 4th Movement  
2000 211 71.800 Joy - Music of David Holsinger - A Song of Moses * The Easter Symphony  
2001     Storm-Beyond the Difficulties - Without Warning (from Stormworks) * MILLENNIA : Art of the State * Martenizza * The Gift of Love  
2002     Pride - Escape...Into The Light! (from Escape From Plato's Cave) * Remembering the Future * The First and the Last * Message of The Man (from Escape From Plato's Cave) * Hajj  

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Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps, Position 999 indicates results unknown

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