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History for Emerald Statesmen Rochester, NY
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1965 Did you march Emerald Statesmen?
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Other names: merger Emerald Cadets and the Irondequoit Statesmen; Ridge Culver Statesmen
The Emerald Cadets marched as the Emerald Statesmen in 1966 and 1967. They merged with of the Statesmen of Irondequoit at the end of 1965. The Ridge Culver/Irondequoit Statesmen were directed by
World Hall of Fame president Vince Bruni. The Emerald Cadets were founded by World Hall of Fame William A. McGrath Sr. See the history of the Emerald Cadets for a complete story. In 1968 the corps returned to the original name of Emerald Cadets.

[Submitted by Bill McGrath Dec 2006]
After the tremendous success of the two senior corps, the Crusaders and Grey Knights, Rochester, New York will again strive to put a junior champion on the contest field come summer 1966.
On Wednesday, September 29th, the "Dynamic Statesmen" merged with the Emerald Cadets. They will now be known as the Emerald Statesmen.
The corps compliment will consist of 60 horns - 25 drums and a 25 girl color guard.
Co-directors of the newly formed corps will be Vincent R. Bruni and William McGrath. Irene McGrath will be in charge of publicity. Business Managers will be Phil Smith and George Davis assisted by Vincent Gravino. Mrs. Howard Blonowixz will be finance officer. Quartermasters will be Ray Cody and Mr. DeWitt.
Instructors will be Vince Bruni and Bill McGrath writing and instructing drill with Harvey Martin assisting. Drums are under Douglas Kleinhaus. Music is being arranged and taught by both Truman Crawford and Sal Sparrazza.
Truman Crawford was down the first weekend of practice - October 2nd. & 3rd., and the corps was hard at work on Great Day."

[From the ER National Convention Issue December 1965]

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