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2001 Song Listing for Pioneer Milwaukee, WI
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1973 Did you march Pioneer?
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Other names: merger of Imperials of St. Patricks and Thunderbolts, The Thing
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Position: 18
Score: 79.3

Irish in the Civil War... A Quest for Freedom
Main Theme from Gettysburg by Edelman, Randy on Gettysburg - Movie Soundtrack
Variations on the Theme from Minstrel Boy by McNamara, Frank on The Three Tenors
Over the Fence (from Gettysburg) by Edelman, Randy on Gettysburg - Movie Soundtrack
Dawn (from Gettysburg) by Edelman, Randy on Gettysburg - Movie Soundtrack
Dixie by Emmett, Daniel Decatur on Gettysburg - Movie Soundtrack
Battle at Devil's Den (from Gettysburg) by Edelman, Randy on Gettysburg - Movie Soundtrack
America the Beautiful by Smith, Robert W. on Americas Greatest Hits

The Irish were recent immigrants at the time of the Civil War. The war provided a source of employment, adventure, travel, and of course an opportunity to show patriotism for those who served on both sides of our country's conflict.

The production begins with the Irish Tenors' (as seen on P.B.S.) rendition of MINSTREL BOY. Following this is a medley of the ballads DIXIE and WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING. Both tunes have audience appeal provided by instant melody recognition and high energy. The music from the movie GETTYSBURG rounds out the performance bringing into focus the reality of the Civil War by displaying highly emotional and powerful moods. (There will be no need for a Civil War battle on the field, since the music itself will bring it to mind.) The musical setting, along with its rich symphonic sound, should prove to delight both the audience and the adjudicators. Exiting the field, the Pioneer will troop the stands playing the victorious GARY OWEN MARCH.

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