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Member Listing for Anaheim Kingsmen Anaheim, California
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1965 Did you march Anaheim Kingsmen?
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Other names: Kingsmen
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Alva, Ken Lead Baritone1976
Anderson, Gary bugle1969
Anderson, Patricia Color Guard1969 to 1970
Anderson, Steve Tympani1976 to 1978
Arnot (Roebuck), Ann (Happi) flag1982
Barnett, Victor Brass1982
Biondo, Steve Tenor1975 to 1978
Brown, Robert (Robbie) Baritone1974
Craig, Charles Timpani1978
Crew, Edward Percussion1982 to 1983
Dean, Craig Contrabase1969 to 1970
Devlin, Dave Snare Line1977 to 1978
Douglas, Earl Drum Major1966 to 1972
fitzgerald, jim baritone2007
Frederick, Bob (Fred) bass drum1974
Glahn, Jeff French Horn1983
Good, JIm Drum Major1972
Groh, Charlie Marching staff1974 to 1976
Hall, Lynne Color Guard1968 to 1972
Harris, Wayne Baritone1972 to 1974
Hathaway, Steve Baritone1982 to 1983
Henderson, Lozell drumline(Quad Section Leader)1985
Henderson, Scott contra1982
Hernandez, Felix Hornline - Lead Baritone1976 to 1978
Hernandez, Felix Hornline1977 to 1978
HOUSLEY, RON Lead Baritone1967
James, Bob Soprano1983 to 1985
Kamer, Angela Color Flag1982
Kean, Garrison French Horn1968 to 1970
Drum Major1973 to 1974
Kelly, Scott Baritone1982
Keyes, Michael Contrabass1966 to 1967
Laird, Steve Horn - Lead Soprano1964 to 1970
Laub, Calvin Baritone1976 to 1977
Leet, Sandy Soprano1978
Lewis, Nathaniel (Junior) snare1986 to 1988
Lucas, Jeff Baritone1986
maciejewski, john Soprano1974 to 1978
MARTINEZ, BILL Soprano1975
McCay, Frank Drumline (Cymbals)1978
Moore, Lester Contra1974
Nash, Glenn French Horn1968 to 1972
Neilson, Brian Soprano1982
Nelson, Duane Baritone1978
Oneyear, Kari Color Guard1982
Ortega, David Baritone1977 to 1978
Palmer, Randy Baritone1971
Powers, Dwayne Soprano1985
Powers, Dwayne Soprano1985
Pugh, Mike Snare1975 to 1977
Rochford, Greg Drum Major1983
Guard/Visual Staff1984
Romanelli, Mark contra1974
Rybus, Joe Soprano1972 to 1974
Saldana, Leonard Snare1976 to 1978
Salvatore, Thomas french horn1977
Sanchez, Ray Soprano1976 to 1977
Senske, Rick Euphonium1982
Short, LaVon Color Guard1976 to 1978
Tesar, Scott Marching Mallets / Front Ensemble2007
Vasquez, Rene' Horns1982 to 1984
Ventura, Steve Soprano1977
Vestesen (Bliss), Elaine saber Flag Flunky1970 to 1972
Watt, Phil Cymbals1985
Welke, Chris Lead Baritone2007; 2009
Wilson, Greg Bass Drum1972
Yee, Jackie Rifle1976

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