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Member Listing for Reading Buccaneers Reading, PA
Active Senior Corps founded in 1957 Did you march Reading Buccaneers?
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Achee, Bill Contra Line1990
Adams, Warren Baritone1988
Bart Bartholomew, Charles Soprano1976 to 1984
Bartholomew, Renee Snare Line1978 to 1982
Basham, Angie Bari 22008
Benson, Bridget baritone2002
Beyer, Heather colorguard1994
Bill, Chris "Sonny 2" Baritone2007
Bingham, Andy Lead Trumpet2005
Bonacquisti, Mary Color Guard1976 to 1978
Boyle, Scott Baritone1998 to 2001
Brotzman, Diane guard1977 to 1980
Hornline-French Horn1981 to 1988
Bufalino, Angelo Trumpet2011 to 2013
Membership Manager2014
Buffenmyer, Andrew "Buffy" Tuba2005
Burnell, James Baritone2001
Lead Bari2003 to 2004
3rd Trumpet2005
Caldwell, Brien Soprano1970 to 1973
Caudle, Amanda Soprano2001
Mellophone2002 to 2003
Cellucci, Thomas Soprano1979 to 1982
Celsky, Keith Tuba2010
Support Staff2011
Celsky, Keith Contrabass2005
CHEZ, ALAN lead soprano / soloist1982
brass staff1992 to 1995
Chez, Mickey Horn Line1980 to 1982
Cislak, Andrew Baritone2015
Clare, Nicholas Tuba2005 to 2006
Coleman V, Edward Snare2006
Cruz, Cristina Front Ensemble2011
Dakin, Stephen Soprano1985 to 1989
Decker, Josh Drum Major2001 to 2007
Dempsey, Ed Contra1982 to 1987
DeRemer, Nanette Colorguard2000
DeRemer, Nanette Colorguard2000; 2003
DERR, SKEE SNARE1972 to 1990
Derr, SKEE SNARE1972 to 1991
Derricott, Duane Baritone1964 to 1965
Deshler, Lee Split Soprano1965 to 1967
Member but in military1968 to 1970
Split Soprano1971
Mellophone 1973 to 1976
Honor Guard2012
Diamond, Art Brass/Baritone1984 to 1985
dietz, jody drum line1976 to 1977
doherty, mike soprano1978 to 1981
Donkerbrook, Gregory Contra2003 to 2004
Easton, Judy Color Guard1996 to 1997
Eickleberry, Herman Percussion1983
Ensinger, Darren Pit1998 to 1999
Ensinger, Gordon Bass Drum1997 to 2002
Ferraro, Frank Music Director and Arranger1959 to 1971
Fitzgerald, Steven Mellophone2006 to 2008; 2010
Fox, Carrie Guard1982
Francis, Ed Euphonium2000 to 2001
Francis, Ed Baritone2000 to 2003
Fromm, Dave Drum Line1965 to 1977
Funk, Douglas Mellophone, Euph1999 to 2001
Gehlert, Woody Guard1982
Giardiello, Nicko Contra1982 to 1986
Goss, Dave soprano1984
contra bass1985
Gottier, Mike Baritone2008
Greeson, Nicholas Mellophone2000 to 2002; 2005
Hessler, Kevin Soprano1969 to 1970
Hilkert, Mike Soprano2000
Holahan, Martin soprano1975 to 1981
Housel, Jason Lead Baritone2004 to 2008
Kachman, Mike Soprano2004
Kauffmann, Karen Front Ensemble2006
Keller, Lonnie Drums/Triples1976 to 1977
Kelley, Josh Injured bench, broke my wrist after 2nd show2004
Kirkwood, James lead soprano1975 to 1977
Koenig, Diane (Brotzman) Hornline1989 to 1990
Support Staff/Committee1991 to 1995
DM/Support Staff1996 to 2002
Support Staff2003
DM/Support Staff2004 to 2008
krempasky, matt brass1979
brass/brass staff1980 to 1982
caption head/music arranger1983 to 1986
Kriebel, Ryan Brass2001 to 2006
Lundell, John colorguard1972 to 1973
Maldonado, Abel soprano/mellophone1996 to 2000
brass staff- mellophone2001
Malleus, Greg Drumline2005
Manhart, Craig mellophone1974
Maree, Al Bari/Contra1999 to 2000
Executive Committtee2001 to 2003
Matos, Noel Baritone1999 to 2000
Soprano2001 to 2002
Mayer, Robert Baritone2000 to 2002
McDougall, Sara Colorguard2003 to 2004
McMullen, Krissy Hornline-Mellophone 12007
Hornline-French Horn1983 to 1986
mcmullen, mike flugal/mello1981 to 1986
Minnich, Phillip Brass2006
Miranda, Anthony Cymbal Line2003 to 2005
Monhollan, Candice Trumpet2006 to 2009
Monhollan, Candice Hornline2006 to 2009; 2011
Morabito, Don Mellophone1987
Morningstar, Mark Support staff2008; 2010; 2012
Murphy, Al Soprano1968 to 1973
Murray, Marcie Baritone2000 to 2002
Murton, Joseph Drum line1966 to 1971
Naughton, Alexis Color Guard2010
Neubold, Michelle Colorguard1998
Nevius, John Horn Line1964 to 1970; 1976 to 1978
Nowetner, Rachel Colorguard2002
Ochs, Terry Snare1981
Poley, Randy Drum Line1976
Ream, Jeff percussion staff2000
Rich, Steven Tuba/Brass2006 to 2007
Rightmyer, Bob Mellophone1977
Rightmyer, Bob Mellophone1977
Rogalski, Michael Mellophone2000 to 2001
Rutan, Douglas Contra1979 to 1982
Savage, Vickie Visual Tech2006 to 2007
Schneider, Kirk Mellophone1979
Schomburg, Rick Drumline1984 to 1985
Scott, Darren Baritone2009 to 2013
Shanks, Zach Drumline2003 to 2007
Sherwood, Michael Baritone1980 to 1981
Shoremount, Michael Hornline(baritone)2002
Smith, David Soprano2001 to 2003
Smith, Dewey Smith soprano1959; 1962 to 1963
Sneff, Mike Front Ensemble2016
Solinger, Donnie Hornline1958 to 1969
Horn Line/Committee1995 to 1997
Committee/Support Staff1998 to 2004
Committee/Support2005 to 2006
Spielman, Matthew Euphonium2006 to 2007
Stansfield, Scott Soprano1993
Strauss, Mike Contra2001
Tuba2005 to 2006
Swiger, Quaid Baritone2014 to 2015; 2017
Tatman, Michael percussion1985 to 1991
Tierno, Louis Soprano/Mellophone1985
Vaughn, Steve Baritone2007
Vogel, Tim Honor Guard2000 to 2003
Whery, Kyle Euphonium2004
Wildfogel VanOstenbridge, Pam Colorguard1998 to 2002
Colorguard staff2003
Honor guard/Support staff2005
Colorguard2007; 2009 to 2010
Wildonger, Daniel Mellophone1988
Baritone/Euphonium1997 to 2003
Williams, Ryan Contrabass1999
Williams, Ryan Contrabass1999
Wilson, Tim Silk1976
Tymp1977 to 1978
Snare1980 to 1981
Young, Jason Drum Line1993 to 1994
Zearfoss, Patrick Bass Drum2001 to 2002
Zearfoss, Sharon Pit2002

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