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Member Listing for Rochester Crusaders Rochester, NY
Inactive Senior Corps founded in 1947 Did you march Rochester Crusaders?
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Other names: Hilton Crusaders, Irondequoit Crusaders, Grey Knight Crusaders
Member Name Section Years Involved
Affronti, Mark "TIGER" Hornline1997 to 1998
Drumline1999 to 2003
Barnett, Tiffany Colour Guard1999
Benigna, Jamie colorguard1997
Burstall, Steve Baritone2001 to 2002
Campagnola, Carl Lead Soprano1980
Caraccilo, Chris Guard1992 to 1995
Clements, Jim Timbales1967 to 1969
Cooley, Stephen Brass Instructor2000 to 2002
Corcoran, Colleen Mellophone Soloist2003
Costello, Tom Contra1979 to 1980
Davenport, Tom Soprano1999 to 2000
DelRa, Frank sop1999 to 2000
Dempsey, Mike lead sop1972 to 1973
DeStefano, Aimee Colorguard2002 to 2005
Detwiler, Tom Mellophone1979
F Horn2005
Duel, Lisa Guard1986 to 1997
Dunn, Jerry Lead Soporano1988 to 1990
Eldridge, Julia Lead Baritone2002 to 2003
Elliott, Ray Baritone1977
Ferris, Gary Drum Major1978
Fine, Dale Baritone1996 to 2002
Fisherowski, Rich Soprano/Brass Assistant2005
Fleck, David Mellophone1990
Fullam, Mike Battery1972 to 1973
Gagliano, Joseph Honor Guard2007
Gifford, Big Country Trumpet2007 to 2008
Gould, Andrew 3rd Baritopne2002
Gray, TJ Bassline1994
Drum Major1996
Griffith, John Mello1973 to 1981
Hall, Keith Brass1990
Hall, Keith soprano/staff2001 to 2004
Hamilton, David Brass Caption Head1997
Hamlin, Roy baritone horn1966 to 1972
Hankerson, William battery instructor2001; 2005 to 2006
Hardy, Mark hornline/3rd bari1971 to 1973
Hemingway, George Melophone1981 to 1988; 1997; 1999 to 2000
Hemingway, George Melophone1980 to 1988; 1997 to 2000
Henley, Scott Colorguard2003
Hines, Daniel Brass - Soprano2009
Howard, Kelly Colorguard2007
hughes (ruiz), debbie color guard , drumline1987 to 1992
incardona, don drumline1967 to 1980
Jones, Max Soprano (Orig Crusaders)1947 to 1954
Kaiser, Brian Mellophone2006 to 2007
Keck, David Lead sop1994
Keppel, Rod Lead Mellophone2008
Assistant Drum Major2009
Lagendyk, Todd Drumline2005 to 2007
Legault, Paul Snare1985; 1987 to 1988
Mael, Doug horn (baritone)1976 to 1977
Meyer, Jr., John Lead Sop2001 to 2002
mitchell, joe PIT2001 to 2002
Mitchell, Tom Horn1984; 1986 to 1991; 1993 to 1996
Myhand, Will Snare2006 to 2007
Palmer, Rick Percusion1978
Peashey, Tom Brass1965 to 1993
Pennica, Derek Bass Drum1993 to 1996
phillipson, john soprano1965 to 1968
pickerd, cless brass1979 to 1981
Polik, Bill Baritone1971 to 1973
Popowych, Richard Soprano1960 to 1962
Potts, Danielle Soprano2001 to 2003
Reese, Ed Drums1969 to 1972
Richter, Jon drumline1968 to 1971
Rightmyer, Bob French Horn / MelloPhone1965 to 1972
Robinson, Pete Tuba2005
Simpson, Michael Baritone2001
Smith, Lawrence color guard1995
Spena, Jud brass1983 to 1985
Stackhouse, Jason Contra2008 to 2009
Stadler, Carl baritone1999 to 2003
Stohs, Tim Lead Soprano1996 to 1998
Stork, Bill drumline/staff1972
Percussion Co-Caption Head1978 to 1979
snare tech1992
Percussion Staff2005 to 2008
Stork, Joe snare2005 to 2008
Thweatt, Joanne Color Guard1975 to 1977
Tobin, Andrea Color Guard1995 to 1996
Twamley Griffith, Debbie Twamley guard and drumline, pit1972 to 2001
Wahl, Thomas Percussion1967 to 1971
Zamperini, Mar-Jean Baritone1996 to 2002

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