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Member Listing for Marion Glory Cadets Marion, Ohio
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1960 Did you march Marion Glory Cadets?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Other names: Marion Cadets
Member Name Section Years Involved
Acosta, Denelle Color Guard Captain2004
Barrett, Mike Horn line1975 to 1980
Buening, Elizabeth Pit2004
Bump, Bruce cymbals1969
Burklew, Pamela Color guard1979
Hornline1980 to 1982
Drum Major1983
Burklew, Pamela Horn Line--Jets1974 to 1976
Color Guard1978 to 1979
Horn Line1980 to 1982
Drum Major1983
Burns, Rachel Colorguard1973 to 1974; 1980
Calloway, Nancy Horn Line1967 to 1977
Collier, Alicia COLORGUARD!!2005
Collins, Harold Soprano1980
Cox, Shaun Contra2003
Crook, Bradley Front Ensemble2004
Davis, Robert soprano1967 to 1975
davis, robert hornline1967 to 1975
Dewiel, kitty colorguard1963 to 1966
EADE, Gracie colorguard1979 to 1983
Edelman, Erica guard2001
Flynn, Zach Drum Major2004
fourman, shawn contra1993 to 1997
Fowler, Adam Mellophone2003
Freeman, Fritz hornline1960 to 1966
Freeman, Tom Baritone1974
freeman, tom brass1974
Garber, Ken Cymbals2004
Goldbach, Christy MELLOPHONE/DRUM MAJOR1993 to 1998
Graham, Matthew Pit Percussion2001
Greenwald, John M percussion1972 to 1974
gwyther, emily Bassline2005
Harris, Nathan Soprano2002
Harris, Nathan Soprano2002
Heissler, Jaime Bassline2004
Hill, John Lead Soprano - Soloist1980
Hinton, Jeff Staff Marion GLORY Cadets2001
Jenkins, Amanda Soprano2004
Johnson, Dan Baritone2002
Kenney, Christina Horn Line2003 to 2004
Knox, Amanda Mellophone2001 to 2003
Knox, Amanda Mellophone2001 to 2004
Krcil, David Soprano2002 to 2003
Lefelhocz, Doug Percussion1996
Lewis, Kris Hornline2003
McPherson, Jay Guard Instructor/Drill Sesigner1990
Meade, Gracie Colorguard1980 to 1982
Meier, Charlotte Mellophone2003 to 2004
Melton, Jeffery Bass1985
Moreland, Shawn Soprano1992 to 1996
Mullins, Charles horn french1961 to 1967
Neer, Mike snare1975 to 1976
Ollier, Dan contra1984
Osborne, Allen Percussion(Snare)1988
patrick, karen guard1973 to 1978
Patterson, Tom percussion1968
Paxitzis, Mary Baritone2000 to 2001
Paxitzis, Mary Baritone2001 to 2002
Mellophone2004 to 2005
Rabinovich, Salomon Bassline2004
Rauchenstein, Jay Front Ensemble2002
Stayner, Kevin hornline1981 to 1983
stephens, howard Mellophone/Field Commander1974; 1976
Torka, Andrew Baseline2003
Tucker, Emma Colorguard2004
Varnum, Cristi Color Guard1974 to 1979
Voss, Shoe Pit2001
Drumline (bass)2002
Wallingford, David french horn1977
Warren, Ed Drill design1998
Welch, Michael Contra, Drum Major2000 to 2004
Williamson, Gary Horn1960 to 1964
Willis, Jodee Color Guard1991 to 1997
Willis, Jodee Color Guard1991 to 1997

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