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Member Listing for Bridgemen Bayonne, New Jersey
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1964 Did you march Bridgemen?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Other names: St. Andrew's Bridgemen
homepage: http://www.bridgemen.com
Member Name Section Years Involved
Athens, Rich Brass/Baritone1984
Banks, Johnny Baritone1980
Barkenhagen, Dean Contra1980 to 1981
Bell, Donnett Percussion Staff1986 to 1987
Breidigam, Nicholas Percussion2006 to 2008
Brynwood, Brandon Brass-Baritone1983 to 1984
Brynwood, Brandon Baritone1983
Casper, Michael baritone1983 to 1984
Clay, Clarence Horn line1979 to 1981
Cooper, Ruth Ann Color Guard1973; 1975
Cuzzocrea, Gary Brass/Soprano1987
Dakin, Stephen Soprano1987
Davis, Chris Baritone1982 to 1983
Dolson, Andrew french horn1983
Everett Jr., Arnold T Melephone1974 to 1975
Fallon, Carol Ann Support Staff1978
Fallon, Ray Brass Instructor1978 to 1979; 1984 to 1985
Faul, Rich Brass1981
Giles, Darold Battery-Bass Drum1984
Gironda, Robert "Vito" Baritone1969 to 1977
griffin, ed cba1977 to 1978
Hedden, Gene Snareline Alternate1981
Trap Set1982
Higgott, Edward Baritone1978
Highland, Byron Soprano1977 to 1978
irvin, chuck Contra Bass1979
James, Monte tymp line1974
Karol, Skippy Soprano1978 to 1981
Katz, Josh Soprano1984 to 1985
Kopacz, Lenny baritone-bmo1966 to 1973
Kulinski Jr, Vic Perc1978
Laracuente, Michael soprano1977 to 1978
Magro, Fred Drumline1979
maheux, danielle guard1983
Moscato, Joe Horn line1966 to 1970
Munafo, Ronnie Snare 1984
Nakazono, Mark Soprano1983 to 1984
O'Donnell, Jim Horn Line1973 to 1978
Pearson, Timothy Baritone1981
Pisani, Ben Precussion1968 to 1969
Rykowski, John J. Soprano/Melophone1970 to 1974
Steadman, Tim CBA1981 to 1983
Stoltz, Danny Horn1980 to 1981
Stuart, Norman Mellophone1971 to 1972
Tabor, Rick Drumline1977 to 1980
Thompson, Jeff Horn Line "Contra"1984 to 1988
Ventre, Steve Drumline/Snare1970 to 1977
Ventre, Steven Drum Line1970 to 1978
Whitehead, William Brass1977 to 1978
Wilson, Tim Tymp1979

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