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Member Listing for Madison Scouts Madison, WI
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1938 Did you march Madison Scouts?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Other names: Madison Explorer Scouts
homepage: http://www.madisonscouts.org
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madison_Scouts_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Acosta, Daniel Color Guard2002 to 2003
Front Ensemble2004 to 2005
Albert, Jack Snareline (Auditioning)2005
Albert, Jack Snare line2005
Albitz, Mike Tenor Line1991
Amnatham, Paopun Pit2002
Andrews, Mark Cymbal Line2001 to 2004
Andrzejek, James Colorguard2003 to 2007
Ashton, Justin Tenors2001 to 2004
Ausman, Mike Drum Line1975 to 1976
Babay, Joey color guard1979 to 1981
Bakker, Gary Soprano1967 to 1974
Barkenhagen, Dean Contra1974 to 1978
Barkenhagen, Jay P Color Guard1976 to 1979
Belott, Jonathan Contra2000 to 2001
Benigna, Jamie colorguard1998 to 1999
Best, Benton Mellophone2006
Bissantz, Kyle Front Ensemble2011
Black, Matt Guard2002 to 2004
Black, Paul Mellophone2003; 2005 to 2007
Bond, Stephen Euphonium1999 to 2001
Bonslater, Bobby Trumpet2007
Boston, Damon snare1977 to 1978
Boudreaux, Scott Colorguard2005
Boyce, Jonathan Bassline2005 to 2007
Brace, Kenton Euphonium2002
Mellophone2004 to 2006
brown, Greg guard1987 to 1990
Brundridge, Matthew Contra2003 to 2006
Buchwalder, Mark Euphonium1980
Burgess, Dallas Baritone1998 to 2002
Burgess, Dallas Brass1998 to 2002
Butler, Phil Cymbals1999 to 2001
Carr, David Euphonium2005
Carrillo, Travis guard2005
Chapman, Derek Mellophone1977 to 1982
Chitta, Adam Euphonium2004 to 2008
Chitta, Stephen Baritone/Euphonium2003
Choice, Jeff Color Guard2003 to 2007
Clements, Paul Mellophone2003
Cook, Galen Mellophone2003 to 2007
Cuevas, Daniel Guard2003
Dahl, Mark Cymbals1984 to 1988
Davies, Brent Contra2004
Deisher, Kevin Soprano1982
Denman, Larry rifle Line1977
Dombroske, Roger Baritone1983 to 1985
Dunn, Randall Contra1983 to 1984
Eachus, Lee-Erik Color Guard2005
Eckhardt, Bailey Color Guard2002
Ehrlich, Sam Mellophone2010
Eisenbarth, Geoff Contrabass2003 to 2004
elizondo, michael lead soprano1975
Elliott, Paul Baritone2004
Engleman, Ryan Front Ensemble2001 to 2005
Fackler, Brian baritone2003
Farquhar, Scott soprano2003 to 2007
Felton, Greg Contra1981 to 1982
Ferreira, Michael lead soprano2002
Fickey, Paul Colorguard2005 to 2006
Flannigan, Derrick Soprano2004 to 2005
Fox, Eric Front Ensemble2004
Frazier, Justin Mellophone1996 to 1997
Fullwood, Joseph Colorguard2005 to 2009
Garretson, Colby Euphonium2005
Garrett, Gene snare1981 to 1982
Gee, Keith Hornline Soprano1985 to 1987
Genske, Kevin Soprano2003 to 2004
Gilbertson, David soprano1988 to 1993
Gofstein, Marc Contra Bass1985
Goglia, Joseph Tenors2003
Gonzalez, Richard colorguard1991
Goodier, Daniel Trumpet2006; 2008 to 2009
Gorman, Ladd Mellophone2003 to 2006
Grimes, Michael Color Guard1981
Grissom, Chris Color Guard2002
Grissom, Chris Colorguard2002 to 2004
Guernsey, Dan Color Guard 1971
Tympani1972 to 1974
Multi-Tenor1975 to 1977
Gulick, Chad Mellophone1997 to 1999
Haltom, Matthew Colorguard2005
Harvey, Peter Contra1992 to 1995
Haslanger, Brian Baritone1993 to 1994
Hauger, Glen Mellophone2002; 2004
Henne, Francis Colour Guard1992 to 1993
Henson, Chuck Guard1981 to 1984
Hess, Jason color guard1995 to 1996
Higgins, Scott Front Line1990 to 1991
Hipke, Steve Guard1994 to 1995
Hirsch, Dennie Brass Line (Contra)1997 to 1998
Holland, Chris Bari2000 to 2001
Holland, Raymond Contra2003
Hooper, Michael Baritone2004
Hundt, Jerry Soprano1975 to 1981
Hurd, Dan Lead Soprano1989
Itkor, Joseph color guard1987
Jackson, Chris Soprano2004
Jacobs, Greg Baritone1979 to 1981
Jaeckel, Bryan Mellophone1998 to 2002
Jaeckel, Dave Assistant Conductor/Baritone1992 to 1993
Jarmon, Quincey Snare Line1999 to 2000
Jensen, Michael Mellophone2007 to 2008
Jentzsch, Ryan Guard1994
Johnson, Casey Soprano1999 to 2001
Jones, Nolan Soprano1982
Jull, Kurt Guard1986
Kelley, Justin Soprano2008
Kurtzweil, Scott Colorguard1988
Kuzma, GM Alto1996
LAPLANTE, PAUL hornline1978
Levine, Aaron Soprano2006
Linhart, David Guard1982
LiTT, Jason Mellophone2001 to 2002
Loverude, Woody Guard2001
Manner, Bobby Soprano1977
Marutani, Koichi Mellophone/Soprano1994 to 1995
Matherne, Nathan Color Guard2000 to 2003
Matsumoto, Kentaro Baritone2001
Maxwell, Dave Euphonium1987 to 1991
McCay, Frank Drumline (31" Tympani)1977
Mcgregor, Kyle mellophone2005
Mercer, Alan Color Guard1983 to 1984
Miller, Eric Mellphone2000 to 2001
Miller, Kenneth Baritone2002 to 2003
mitchell, joe front ensemble2004 to 2007
Mitchell, Tom Mellophone1989
Montalvo, Stephen Front Ensemble2004
Motl, Christopher Euphonium2001
Murphy, Sean Euphonium2005
Neimeyer, Daniel Tenors1987 to 1992
Percussion Staff / Tenors1993 to 2003
Nelson, Jon percussion1955 to 1959
Olsesski, Bobby Guard1982
Parker, Brian Drums (Tenors)1984 to 1988
Parker, Christian T Baritone1988
Pearson, Scott Tenors1976 to 1983
Pedley, Drew Color Guard2003
Perry, Edward brass/contra2001
Perry, Eric Drum Major2014 to 2016
Phemister, Travis Contrabass2003
Pilot, Robert Baritone1978
PLUMBLEY*, *NEIL Color Guard2004 to 2007
Pressley, David driver2000 to 2002
Quigley, John Soprano1983 to 1985
Brass staff1990 to 1992
Ramthun, Mark Baritone/Drum Major1980 to 1987
Rebus, Brandon Baritone2008
Reid, Dave Mellophone2003; 2005
Ritacco, Dan soprano1985 to 1990
Robinson, Brian Colorguard2003 to 2004
Robinson, Brian Color Guard2003
Robinson, Mike French Horn1981 to 1984
Robinson, TJ Soprano2007
Rodriguez, Cliff Soprano2001 to 2003
Rosa, Jonathan Mellophone2005 to 2006
rowland, jeff mellophone1995
S, M Baritone2002 to 2007
Sachtjen, James percussion1968 to 1972
Sanchez, Damion Bass Line1997 to 1999
Sato, Naoki Baritone2008
Sbaiti, Rowan Baritone2003
Sbaiti, Rowan Baritone2003 to 2004
Scerpella, Dan Baritone1977 to 1978
Schiess, Patrick Mellophone2005
Lead Mellophone2006
Schneide, Cliff Soprano1977
Seidling, patrick tenors1983 to 1984
drum instructor/assistant to director1996 to 1998
Shields, Lester Horn1980
Shook, Kent Baritone1991 to 1996
siniard, billy color guard2005
Skipworth, Robert Colorguard2005
skolaski, mark drum1967 to 1976
Smith, Brandon Colorguard2003 to 2006
Smith, Mac Contra1995
Smith, Steve Baritone2003 to 2004
Smith, Steve Baritone2003 to 2006
Smith, Tyler Colorguard2003 to 2005
stanley, cedric Bass Drum, Colorguard2000 to 2003
Stolarik, Justin R. Front Line2000 to 2002
Front Line Instructor2003
Stork, Joe Snare2011 to 2012
Stout, Jeff Colorguard1984; 1986
Taylor, Jeremi Colorguard2003
Taylor, Jessie Color Guard2004
Thompson, Rodney baritone2003 to 2005
Turner, Byron Contra2006
Uber, Ross Mellophone2005 to 2008
UMPHREY, PERRY guard1978
Vail, Dan Cymbal Line2003
van der Hoek, Bob snare drum2003
Verstelle, Martijn Mellophone2011 to 2012
von Behren, David mellophone2005
french horn2007
Cymbal Line2008
Walker, Ian Contra1999
Wallace, Clay Snare1994
Walz, Zachary Color Guard2003 to 2005
Ward, Russell Brass Mello/Sop1987 to 1992
Washington, Devin lead soprano1978 to 1979
Watson, Casey Brass2004 to 2007
Wauters, Matt Soprano2002; 2004
White, Joe 2nd Soprano1988
White, Pat Assisted Guard & Conducted/Euphonium1987 to 1988
White (now Kemple), Joe soprano1988
Wiencken, Adam Snare Drum2003
Wiencken, Adam Snare Drum2003 to 2008
Williams, Stann Drumset2015
Williamson, Brad Baritone2000 to 2001
Winland, Michael Mellophone1998
Wood, Steve Baritone1998
Yip, Michael Frontline2004 to 2006
Zabler, Robert Colorguard (rifle)1977
Zabler, Robert (Bobby) colorguard (rifle)1977
Zamorski, John Flag Line1976
Zeiss, Tim Contra2005 to 2006

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