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Member Listing for Tarheel Sun Cary, North Carolina
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1995 Did you march Tarheel Sun?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Member Name Section Years Involved
Allard, Leslie Drumline1997 to 1999
Anthony, Jordan Drumline (Snare)1999
Bailey, Andrew Soprano1996
Barnes, Matt Brass1997
Bennett, Rebecca Front Ensemble2000
Blair, Joshua Mellophone2000
Boiteau, Matt Baritone2000
Brace, Kenton Baritone/Mellophone1998 to 2000
Cadena, Eli Mellophone1999
Clark, John Mellophone1998
Clark, John Mello1998
Davis, Melissa Sop/DM1999 to 2000
Diehl, Chris Bass Line1997
Flick, Daniel ContraBass1998
Gates, Joshua Pit1998 to 1999
Gifford, Jonathan Soprano1999 to 2000
Gifford, Rocky Mount Hornline1999 to 2000
Gifford, Rocky Mount Soprano1999 to 2000
Golding, Nicholas Soprano/Mellophone1997 to 1999
Hall, Shelly Baritone2000
Hammond, Kristofer Soprano1998 to 1999
Hardy, Ben Baritone1998 to 1999
Hicks, Sean Baritone1996 to 1998
Jacobs, Stryker Soprano1998
Jones, Andrew pit1999
King, Jonathan "Phantom" Contra - Hornline1999
Lee, Amanda soprano1998
Marshall, Matt Drumline1998 to 1999
Montiel, Richard Soprano1998; 2000
Myers, Amanda Guard2000
New, Stephen Pit1996
Rios, Jacob Contra-Hornline1999
Rogerson, Michele Guard1996
Rogerson, Michele Guard1995 to 1996
Rogerson, Michele Colorguard1995 to 1996
Ross, Drew Soprano1997 to 1998
Schindler, Richard Soprano1997
Secor, Al Contra2000
Smith, Ginger Visual Staff2000
Smith, Tony Pit and Bass Line1997 to 1999
Swecker, Bart Baritone1999
Thiele, Beth Bass Line1998
Vick, Evan Contra1997 to 1999
White, Crystal Bass Line2000
Williams, Henry Drumline1999

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