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Member Listing for Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni Hawthorne, NJ
Active Alumni Corps founded in 1995 Did you march Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni?
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Andreazza, Steve Mellophone1994 to 2016
Andretta, Rich Baritone1994 to 2007
Carr, Tom Mellophone1994 to 1998
Day, Roger Baritone1998
Doran, Robert Baritone2005 to 2007
Dumond, Philip Brass1994 to 2002
Duncan, Bill Mellophone2010 to 2013
Fallon, Carol Ann Lead Soprano1995 to 1996
Glennon, Sean Contra2005
Headley, George Lead Soprano2008
Hedling, Meiko Soprano2008 to 2009
Hedling, Paul Baritone2007 to 2009
June, Johnny Soprano2001
Kennedy, Dennis Cymbals1994 to 1997
Bass1998 to 2002
Kienle, Debbie color guard2001
Color Guard2002
Kuiper, Adrian Third soprano1995 to 2001
Murray, Bob Baritone2005
Parker, Bill Soprano2011 to 2012
Plante, Lydia Mellophone2003
Popolizio, Larry soprano1995 to 1999
Raclowski, Steve Soprano1995
RUBEL, GUS color guard1970 to 2007
Smith, John Drum section, snaredrum1994
Sortino, Chris Tenor1994 to 1998
Double Conga1999 to 2002
Stoffel, Barbara Guard2005
Turner, Pamela Color Guard2000 to 2002
Williams, Steve Tenor drum1995 to 1998
Double Conga1999 to 2002
Tenor drum2003
Double Conga2004

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