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Member Listing for Florida Wave Miami, FL
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1933 Did you march Florida Wave?
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Other names: Florida Vanguards, Miami Vanguards, Greater Miami Boy's
Member Name Section Years Involved
Abramson, Jill Guard1985
Alexander, Alan Contra1988 to 1990
ames, ernest baritone1990
Ardo, Kimberly Color Guard1987
Baker, Gene Baritone1959 to 1963
bello, steve Baritone1977 to 1979
Blakeney, Mitchell percussion1967 to 1969
Blakeney, Rick percussion1967 to 1969
Blewett, Carla color guard1980
Borque, Humberto Brass1990
Bristol, Jim Drums1970 to 1973
Clark, Jim M&M Staff1979 to 1981
Cochran, Christopher Soprano1987 to 1989
Collins, Brian Baritone1979
Dube', Al Contra1970 to 1977
Enus, David soprano1985; 1987
estrella, carlos soprano1989
Filko, Nadine Percussion (timpani)1977 to 1979
Fisher, Luis Contrabass1989 to 1991
Ford, Wayne percussion, instructor, administration1964; 1966 to 1974
Franks, Bob Baritone1960 to 1962
Color Guard1965
Goldman, Seth Percussion1977
Heil, Timothy middle horn1983 to 1987
Hollinger, Robert Euph1988
Horie, Chris Contra 1967 to 1972
Hotnit, Glen Contra1982
Jaffee, Jim Soprano1979 to 1980
James, Dan 1st. Baritone1971 to 1972
james, rick brass1971
Knob, Steve Horn staff1988 to 1990
Kolody, Cheryl Low Brass/Baritone1987 to 1990
Kunin, Morey soprano1988
Lambertson, Thom Board of Directors / Support Staff1987 to 1990
Letourneau, Glen Rifle1965
Longstreet, Michael Percussion - Timpani1979
Loughlin Burke, Nancy drum line1984 to 1987
Mandigo, Calia Color Guard / Soprano1970 to 1975
Matsch, John Snare1977 to 1979
McGlamery, Renae soprano1978 to 1980
McPheeters, Drew Snare1978 to 1979
McWilliams, Dennis Drumline1986
Melendez, Robert Horn1961
Molinari, Jim Bass Drum #41984 to 1985
Muller, Peter Mellophone1990
Musgrave, Randall French Horn1982 to 1983
Olsesski, Bobby Guard / Rifle1977 to 1979
Patrick, Bobby Soprano1988
Pearson, Timothy Baritone1977 to 1980
Peterson, Vance Baritone1989
Pressley, David support staff1986 to 1989
Reed, Barry hornline1957 to 1961
Reynolds, Robert Solo Soprano1967 to 1968
Rivera, Karen Guard1978 to 1979
Salvatore, Joe Drumline - Cymbals1986 to 1988
Schulte, Mike Baritone1985 to 1988
Sexner, Robin Brass1970 to 1974
Shane, Larry Soprano1985 to 1989
Sherling, Justine Color Guard1984
Stegall, Floyd Management1987 to 1990
Stoltz, Daniel Horn1978 to 1979
Stuckey, Jerry baritone1962 to 1963
Thomlison, Ben drum line bass 79 snare 801979 to 1980
varrichio, tania Colorguard1977 to 1979
Vazquez, George (Ned) BARITONE1977 to 1980
Walters, Don Baritone1979
Walters, Glen Soprano1986
White, Rex Barritone1964 to 1969
Wnuck, Tom Baritone1962 to 1964

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