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Member Listing for Blue Devils Concord, CA
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1970 Did you march Blue Devils?
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Armstrong, Ann Mellophone1997; 2000
Arocena, Dennis Euphonium2007
atsushi, kobayashi Baritone,Euph1994 to 1996
Banks, Johnny Baritone1982
Benzor, Sonia Color Guardd2013
Boyce, Hunter Mellophone2006 to 2007
Burns, Zachary Color Guard2012
C, Shannon Brass1985 to 1986
Carino, Tony Brass2006
Carpenter, Shawn Contrabass1998 to 1999
chang, kevin Euphonium2015 to 2017
Chapman, Adam Contra2004
Chavez, Mike Front Ensemble2008
Cobbett, Jared The Line - Contra2010
Cole, Tim The Line2001 to 2003
Cowden, Ben Contra2003 to 2005
Dang, Trent Pit1995
Dean, Don Contra Bass1988 to 1990
DeMello, Jeff Baritone1973 to 1978
Transportation Director1982
Tour Director1983
Board of Directors1998 to 2005
DeMello, Jeff Baritone1973 to 1978
Board of Directors1998 to 2013
Diehl, Jason "JD" Mellophone1999 to 2000
Dillon, Matt Baritone1984
Donovan, John Soprano2001
Egland, Todd Pit1993
Egland, Todd Pit1993
Ellichman, Nancy MFL Horn1987
Emmond, David Mellophone1995 to 1997
Espy, John Pit2005
estrella, carlos soprano1990
Exley, Joe Contra "THE LINE"1991 to 1992
Faccone, Garrett Soprano2009 to 2011
Gallagher, Katherine Guard1989
Gilman, Greg Baritone1980 to 1981
Gilmartin, Melissa Color Guard2001
Giroux, Laurie Colorguard1976 to 1979
Goldberg, Jeremy Soprano2002
Gray, Joe mellophone2000 to 2001
guerra, jerry Contra2000
Halls, Brad Snare1985
Hammer, Devin Snare Drum1978 to 1980
Harris, Catherine French Horn1978
Hastings, Simon Alto / Mellophone1990 to 1991
Hauger, Glen Mellophone2005
Helbush, Robert Baritone1974 to 1977
Hernandez, Felix Hornline1979
Hernandez, Gregorio baritone2003
Hoffman, Daryl Baritone1975 to 1976
Horowitz, Harrison Baritone2004 to 2005
Hyde, Travis Baritone2002 to 2004
irvin, chuck Contra Bass1980
Jimenez, Cesar Alto1989 to 1991
Johnson, Anne soprano1970 to 1971
Kajiwara, Masahiro Color Guard1999 to 2000
Kelley, Allen colorguard1992 to 1993
King, Sam French Horn1984 to 1985
Lack, John Baritone1999
Lambertson, Thom Support Staff2007
Lawson, Jerry Euphonium1984 to 1985
Lennox, Christopher Bass Line2007
Leonard, Tobias Drum Major2001 to 2002
Lévis, André soprano1976 to 1977
Lévis, André soprsno1976 to 1977
Lisowyj, Michal Soprano1999 to 2003
Love, Julie Color Guard1982 to 1986
Lozaga, Eric Baritone1998 to 1999
Lucas, Jeff Euphonium1987 to 1988
Mackiewicz, Dawn Marie Euphonium1997 to 1999
Makin, Brad Sop1978; 1980
Margraf, Mike Soprano1990
Martin, Eric Contra2000
Martin, Steve Mellophone1993 to 1994
Martin, Steve Alto/Mellophone1993 to 1994
McFarlin, Adam The Line2002
McGlothlin, Michael Mellophone2001
McGlothlin, Michael Mellophone2001
McMillan, Rob Tenors1973 to 1978
McPhee, Dave (ANTMAN) Baritone1991
Meininger, Nathan Mellophone2009
Miller, Dillon The Line2007
Mutz, Alex Euphonium2009 to 2010
Nelson, Duane baritone1979
Nelson, Jeff snare/staff1982 to 1983
Nelson, Kayla Baritone2007
Nicholson, Anthony contra2008 to 2009
Odello, Andrew Bass Drum Line2007 to 2011
Pasteur, Chris Baritone/Euphonium2003 to 2004
Peel, Bernie Driver2008
Peterson, Doug Soprano1982 to 1985
Driver "The Hound"1986
Pierce, Mark mallet1978
Poulan, Key Baritone1983
Poulsen, Amy Mellophone1998 to 1999
Quillen, Mike Soprano1979 to 1982
Ronan, Kevin Contra2004 to 2006
Selinsky, Gayle Color Guard1980 to 1982
Serkin, Jeremy Mellophone1999 to 2003
Shane, Larry Soprano1990
Signorelli, Tony Horn Line Lead Baritone1981 to 1983
Skinner, Erik Mellophone2004
Smith, Brad Trumpet2005
Smith, Lee Baritone1998
Snyder, Dave Soprano2004
Snyder, Sean Brass staff2003 to 2006
Stanciu, Jessy Colourguard (hopefully marching this year!!!)2005 to 2007
Strowbridge, Jamie Timpani2003
Supnick, Jon Bassline2004
Sutton, Jonathan Bass2005 to 2006
Sweeney-Robinson, Francine Colorguard1987 to 1988
Tesar, Scott Marching Mallets (Marimba)1979
Thompson, Antonio Lead Trumpet2003
Thorpe, William Booster Organization1990 to 1992
Tompone, Shane Tompone Soprano2004 to 2007
Turner, David Tenors1995 to 1997
warner, raphael Guard2005 to 2006
Watson, Aaron Lead Sop2003
Watson, Chris Baritone2005
Watson, Thom Contra1986 to 1988
White, Korey Mellophone2003
Williams, Ricky Pit2001
Williams, Tom Brass/Contra2001 to 2002
Yee, Rick Bass Drum1991 to 1992

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