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Member Listing for Blue Stars LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1964 Did you march Blue Stars?
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Other names: First Federal Blue Stars; merger Blue Stars Color Guard and Apple Arrows
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Albitz, Mike Drumline1984 to 1990
Ammerman, Michael hornline-baritone1982
Anderson, Steve Front Line1994 to 1996
Anthony, Nicole Colorguard2003 to 2006
Appel, Jeff Hornline & Brass Instructor1998; 2002
Ashcraft, Zach Trumpet2007 to 2010
Athanon, Tyler Baritone2004 to 2006
Barber, JT Percussion2004
Belanger, Carrie Color Guard2004
Bishop, Mike Percussion Faculty2009
Blakeney, Sharon guard1978
Blakeney, Sharon guard1978
Brody, Robyn Mellophone2002 to 2004
Brown, Shari Guard1979
Bubenyak, Megan Pit2003 to 2004
Castor, Patrick Horn Line1965 to 1970
Conlin, Sarah Colorguard; flag, rifle, sabre, dance2005
Conniff, Richard Contra1991 to 1998
coon, jake Snareline2002 to 2004
Crandell, Steve F - Horn1982
Dannen, Cody Baritone2004
Deal, Jennie Color Guard1996 to 1999; 2002
Doucet, Jocelyne Hornline Tuba2007
Duesterbeck, Wayne drum1966
Farrell, Chris Colorguard2003
Feuerborn, David tuba2006
Flash, Anoka Soprano1980
Flynn, Daniel Baritone/Euphonium2012
Fredrickson, Alana soprano1997 to 2002; 2004
Frost, Aaron Hornline: Lead Baritone2000 to 2002
Graves, Mark Trumpet2008
Green, Chris Brass Caption Head1999
Guns, Pam Guard1971 to 1974
Hall, Mark horn line1982
Hauer, Brent Baritone2005
Hefle, Scott Baritone1980
Herder, Jason Snare LIne2002
House, Ryan pit2002
Howes, Red Soprano1978
Johnston, Jason Baritone2005 to 2006
Jordan, Mark Baritone1979 to 1981
Kelley, Justin Trumpet2006 to 2007
Keys, Corkie Color Guard1979
King, Brian Tenors1993
Kirk, Tahle Percussion Caption Head2004
Larson, Alex Soprano2005
Lorenz, Elizabeth Battery (bass 1)2004
Machel, Guy Baritone1979 to 1981
McCune, Julia Colorguard2003
McGill, Lauren Baritone2004
McGill, Lauren Bari / Euph Line2004 to 2007
Melkowski, Kevin Baritone2005
mercure, oniel percussion1982
Mielke, Dave Baritone1981
Miller, Justin Backfield Conductor2002 to 2009
Moore, Eddie Euphonium 2012 to 2013
Nash, Sarah Soprano2004
Nichols, Jacob Mellophone2005 to 2006
Novak, Heather Frontline2004 to 2005
Oelschlager, Joni colorguard2001 to 2004
Papineau, Clem Brass1977
Pataska, Dawn guard1972 to 1975; 1979
Payne, Ryan Bass Line2002 to 2003
Pease, Ariel colorguard2005
Petroff, Judy Color Guard 1980 to 1981
Pfister, Kelly Front Ensemble2005 to 2006
Phillips, Justin Mello, Bari2002; 2004
Polcher, Megan Pit2003 to 2005
Post, Mike Tuba2008
Quiram, Lea Soprano1997 to 2002
Randall, Kathryn Colorguard2009
Rensberger, Jaynee colorguard2004
Ritacco, Dan brass instructor / mello & trumpet tech2004 to 2006
Rivera, Cisco Lead Sop (Soloist)1971 to 1973
Rivera, Robert (Cisco) 1st Soprano1971 to 1973
Saputo, Joseph Mellophone2009
Schlossman, Nick baritone, euphonium2005 to 2006
Schmidt, Jason Baritone2010 to 2012
Seip, Cameron Soprano2002 to 2007
Seip, Dave Hornline - contrabass2000 to 2003
Brass staff2004
Sensel, Geoffrey Front lin2002 to 2003
Severance, Jonathan Front Line2000 to 2001; 2003 to 2007
Severance, Steve Soprano1974 to 1981
Shockley, Richie Mello/Trumpet2004 to 2008
Simon, Natan soprano2000 to 2001
Skoubis, Zach Color Guard2004 to 2005
Soenksen, Justin bass drum2003 to 2004
Soucie, Miranda Mellophone2004 to 2005
Sterner, Christopher Trumpet2007 to 2008
Stoecker, Greg Mellophone2006
Stoleson, David Drumline1986 to 1990
Stoltman, Peter Hornline1998 to 1999
Talbot, Jesse Soprano2004 to 2006
Tayir, Henner Drumline1982
Thomas, Jeff Snare1997 to 2000
Todd, Chase Contra2009
Todd, Chase Contra2009
Toppin, Andy Hornline2005 to 2006
Traczyk, Rachel Mellophone2004
Drum Major2005 to 2006
Trader, Kyle Trumpet2006
Tryba, Mark Soprano1976
Turley, Melody Hornline: Mellophone2002
Drum Major2003
Hornline: Mellophone2004
Vaillette, Lois Brass1979
Vasquez, Ramon Brass Caption Head2002 to 2003
Volkman, Dave Snare1976
Waggoner, Rachael guard2002 to 2005
Wagner, Robert Soprano1977 to 1980
Wallingford, David french horn1979
Watson, Aaron Mellophones1999 to 2000
Werlein, Mark Werlein Percussion1971 to 1973; 1975 to 1977; 1981
Werner, Andy Tenors1992 to 1994
White, Conrad mellophone2003 to 2005
Wolff, Erin Colorguard2000 to 2001
Young, Shaylee Baritone2003 to 2004

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