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Member Listing for New York Skyliners New York, NY
Active Senior Corps founded in 1945 Did you march New York Skyliners?
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Other names: Skyliners, Garbarina
homepage: http://www.skylinersdbc.org/
Member Name Section Years Involved
Barrett, Tommy Color Guard - Flag1976 to 1977
Beavers, Craig Contra2014
Bell, Colin Percussion/Snareline1998 to 2000
Bell, John soprano1976
Bruen, Charles Baritone1966 to 1991
Callahan, Alexander Baritone1968
Carbonell, Larry Soprano Line2000 to 2001
Celsky, Keith pit 2002
Celsky, Keith Mallets2002
Honor Guard2003
Chizek, Jr, Joseph Honor Guard2006
Cooney, Ed Lead Soprano2004 to 2005
Dams, Richard Color Guard1967 to 1969
Dams, Rick Color Guard1967 to 1969
Daunt, Paul F.H1974 to 1975
DeMaria, Joe Drum Line1967 to 1968
Eldridge, James Drumline2003 to 2007
Eldridge, Jimmy Drumline2003
Eldridge, Jr., Harry support 'mascot'1994 to 2000
soprano, administration2002 to 2005
honor guard, administration2006
Ellis, Roger Mellophone2000
Ellis, Roger Mellophone2000
Faccone, Garrett "chico" Soprano2005
Fallon, Carol Ann Soprano1983 to 1984
Fee, Richard Baritone/French Horn1982 to 1983
George, Roy Baritone2001 to 2003
Gherlone, Gavone french horn1974 to 1975
Gironda, Robert "Vito" Baritone1979 to 1983
Gottier, Mike Low Brass2005
Gruphofer, John Baritone1973
Hazelwood, Glen percussion staff2003
Henry, Reggie Mellophone1975
Hines, Daniel Mellophone2003
Sop 2 / Marketing Manager2006
Business Manager, Webmaster, Sop 22008
Business Manager, Webmaster, Bari 2 (Sop/Mello)2009
Hrycyshyn, Annie (Andrea) Colorguard2000 to 2001
James, Monte pit1988
Jodts, Stijn Tenor2004
Kaiser, Jerry assistant dm1982
Kirkwood, James lead soprano1984 to 1987
honor guard1988 to 2002
Knisely, Deb contra2000 to 2001
Krenkel, Jon Snare Drum1975 to 1976
Kulp, Sayre Pit2003 to 2004
Labetti, Lou Bari1980
Contra1981 to 1983
Contra1987 to 1989
Mael, Doug horn (baritone)1980 to 1981
Marino, Holly mellophon2002
Marino, Holly Mellophone2002 to 2006
Marsh, Michael"Big Mike" Tymp1974 to 1976
Marshman, Scott Color Guard1984 to 1985; 1989 to 1992
Meyer, Michael Mellophone2001 to 2002
Morales, Javier percussion2002
Munoz, Angel Tenors1986 to 1992
Pit1993; 2003
Snare2004 to 2007
O'Connor, Ed bari1997 to 2003
Pasqua, Marielle Colorguard2002
perez, bob 2nd soprano1966
Priester, Ray snare1967 to 1976
Quinn, Janis Color Guard1992 to 2001
Ramos, Luis 2nd Bari2004
Renna, Morris / Killer Flugle / Mellophone1980 to 1981
Rogers, Frank baritone1976 to 1993
visual staff1999 to 2001
visual staff/assistant drum major2002 to 2004
visual staff2005 to 2006
assistant director2007 to 2008
Scarchilli, Joseph Baritone1978 to 1979
Seff, Dave Snare1999 to 2001
shepherd, gilbert solo soprano1975 to 1999
Siglow, Michael guard, ass't. DM1964 to 1970; 1975 to 1978; 1992
sowinski, jean Mellophone2002
Sowinski, Jean Percussion (Bass)2003
Sowinski, Jean Mellophone2002
Bassline2003 to 2005
Front Ensemble2006
steppe, matt soprano2002 to 2004
Szeglin, Rich Contra Bass2005 to 2006
Thatcher, Rob Percussion Staff1997 to 2001
Thompson, Jeff Horn Line1987 to 1988
Tomasi, Nick Baritone Section1960 to 1963
Tomasi, Nick Baritone1960 to 1963
Vaughn, William POO Baritone1976; 1980
Vayda, Charlie Soprano1979 to 1984
Venezia, Lisa Mello / Sop2001 to 2005
Williams, Alvin Color Guard1979 to 1980
Woo, Lily Mellophone/Honor Guard1981
Wood, Gary Lead Soprano1982 to 1983

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