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Member Listing for The Cadets Allentown, PA
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1934 Did you march The Cadets?
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Other names: Holy Name Cadets, Cadets of Bergen County, Garfield Cadets, Holy Name Cadets
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Adams, Joey Trumpet2001 to 2003
Aleman, Steve Snare Line1979 to 1984
Armstrong, Craig Baritone1994; 1996
Visual Tech2003
Arreola, Daniel Baritone2001
Babula, Eric Colorguard2002 to 2007
Bailey, Debbie Hornline2000 to 2004
Barnett, Tiffany Colour Guard2000 to 2002
Barraza, Malcolm Colorguard2004 to 2008
Bateman, Freddie Color Guard1988 to 1990
Beatty, Bob Mellophone1986
Bello, Lee Brass/Euphonium1997 to 1998
Benz, Ryan Trumpet2004
bergstrom, stephen Tuba2002 to 2004
Berkeley, Vicky brass1989
Bernstein, Eddie Brass2004
Brown, David Trumpet2004 to 2005
Brown, Ricardo trumpet2001 to 2002
Bussiere, Cindy front ensemble1994 to 1995
Callahan, Alexander Baritone1962 to 1963
Caravella, David Baritone2004
Carbone, Rocco Horn/Baritone/Euphonium1975 to 1980
Caswell, Adrian Trumpet2001 to 2005
CHEZ, ALAN lead soprano / soloist1978 to 1982
visual staff1983
brass staff1997 to 1999
Clarke, Peter Brass; Contra1993 to 1994
Corcoran, Colleen Lead Trumpet2004 to 2006
Cotter, Thomas Mellophone2004 to 2006
Cottrell, Jesse pit2001 to 2002
Coughlin, Justin Pit2007 to 2009
Daley, Rich Soprano1992; 1994
Debski, Juliana color guard1969
Deenik, Paul Mello2004
DeFalco, Frank Baritone1997
DeFelice, Robert Trumpet2005 to 2007
DeFerraro, John Bass Drum / Pit (Auditioning)2007
Del Vecchio, Chris Trumpet2005 to 2006
DeVito, Al soloist soprano1954 to 1961
Dolan, Tim Euphonium1978
Dougherty, Karen Mellophones1976 to 1977
Duncan, Andrew Baritone2002 to 2005
Eastburn, Justin Trumpet2002
Edelman, Erica guard2003
Edwards, David Horn1982
Egbert, Jim Drum Line1971 to 1972
Ellison, Sean Hornline1996 to 1997
English, Jr, Gary Mellophone2005 to 2006
Evans, Rich Contra1969 to 1972
field, ed drum1954 to 1957
Fisk, Travis Trumpet2006
Fitzgerald, Steven Mellophone2009
Forte, Brian Color Guard2004 to 2007
Fortsch, Karl Color Guard1966 to 1967
Fowler, Dave Percussion1984
Fox, Teresa Colorguard2002
Freeman, Adam Euphonium2004 to 2005
Gallagher, Tim Baritone/Contra1990
Admin Team2011; 2014 to 2015
Gamble, Jackie Colour guard1998
Gantt, Aaron Colorguard2002 to 2003
Garay, Chris Snare2006
Gasper, Michael Plebes1967 to 1969
Gipson, Derek soprano1994 to 1996; 1998
mellophone tech2002 to 2004
brief visual tech2007
Gipson, Jennifer Baritone2002
Gonzalez, Alfredo Hornline1992
Gonzalez, Richard colorguard1992 to 1993
Gow, Christopher Baritone2003; 2005
Greene, Austin Mellophone2000 to 2002
Greenwell, Sue color guard1987 to 1992
Griffin, Garrett Baritone2000 to 2003
Gross, Bob percussion staff1979 to 1984
Gunter, Griffin Lead Mellophone2005 to 2007
Hart, Steve Soprano1983; 1985
Heimbecker, Justin Tuba/Baritone2003 to 2005
Higgins, Stephen Staff2006
Higgins, Stephen Staff2006
Hill, John Soprano1984
Hodge, Dennis Holy Bass1998 to 2001
Holden, Bill Pit2006 to 2007
Hoover, Jim Pit1988
Hopkins, Marcus Guard2001
Hopkins, Marcus Color Guard2001 to 2003
Horne, Alan Trumpet2001 to 2003
Howard, Julian Tuba2003
Hrank, Courtney colorguard1998 to 2003
Hurd, Dan Lead Soprano1990
Hyman, Paula Mellophone2002 to 2006
Jennings, Craig Soprano1990
Johnson, Charles Bus Driver1992 to 1993
Katz, Jeff Tuba2005 to 2006
Kauffmann, Karen Front Ensemble2007 to 2009
Kaye, Alec Baritone2013
Keeton, Sarah Pit2003
Kelley, Ginger Mellophone1984 to 1985
Kenji, Ito Baritone1994
Kirby, David Tuba2001 to 2003
Kozol, Jeff Percussion1989
Lamendola, Marc Soprano1986
LaRosa, Jason Snare2002 to 2003
Larrumbide, Rich front ensemble2005
Lawrence, Chris Baritone1990
Lawrence-Temple, Maggie cymbals1985 to 1987
Lea, George Brass1981 to 1982
Lilly, Michael Baritone1998
Linkletter, Beth Color Guard1973 to 1975
MacFadden, Oliver Trumpet2002
Maiello, Tom Contra1986
Marino, Richard / Rich color guard, soprano1966 to 1971
Mayer, Robert Baritone/Euphonium1982 to 1983
McCarthy, Sandra Color guard 1994 to 1995
McClure, Joe baritone2000
McConnell, Daniel Tuba2012
McILveen, Lori Mellophone1989 to 1992
McKenna, Michael Tenors2003 to 2004
McPherson, Jay contra1985
Mecum, Sara Pit!2004
Mecum, Sara Pit2004; 2006
Menefee, Steve Mello1991 to 1994
Meyer, Brad pit / God's instrument2002 to 2005
Miller, Patrick Sorpano1988 to 1990
Montoya, Joseph Pit2003 to 2004
Myers, Greg Color Guard1993
Newkirk, Clif Mello2001 to 2006
noble, chris baritone1983 to 1987
Oram, Leanne Colorguard1994
Osborne, Allen Bass Drum1992
Padilla Jr., Jose A. color guard2003 to 2004
Paul, Joseph Baritone1986 to 1987; 1990
Peel, Bernie Driver1994 to 1998; 2002 to 2005
Pentecost, Neil Mellophone1997; 1999
Perez, Michelle Color Guard1983 to 1985
Perry, Edward brass/contra2002
Perugini, Skip Percussion1968
Pezzuto, Stephanie Colorguard2002 to 2004
Pezzuto, Stephanie Colorguard2002 to 2004
Popolizio, Larry soprano1963
Poulsen, Amy Mellophone1997
Power, Matt snare line1989 to 1991
Prince, Karen ColorGuard1999 to 2001
Prosser, Stephen Mellophones1992
Randazzo, Lou Trumpet2001 to 2002
Trumpet Soloist2003
Reder, Michael Baritone1991
Reichert, Joe Snare1992 to 1993
Drum Major1995
Staff1997 to 1998
Rhatigan, Laura Guard2003
Rhatigan, Laura Colorguard2003 to 2006
Richards, Johnathan pit percussion2001
Ridings, Bill Snare1959 to 1962
Roberts, Wes Mellophone2001
Rosenstock, Joshua Baritone Line1997 to 1999
Ross, Dana Colorguard1995
russ, mike drum line1975 to 1976
Rutt, Christopher Lead Mellophone1996 to 1998
Sadowsky, Ken Soprano1998
Sampson-Davis, Kobina Trumpets2016
Sanchez, Sandy Brass- trumpet2003 to 2005
Sanders, Pagean Trumpet2006
Santo, Eric Soprano1977 to 1982
Saunders, Sam contra1998 to 2001
drum major2002
Schember, Rick Drum Line1964 to 1965
Searcy, Porter Snare2005
Seemless, Boran guard1977 to 1980
Shafer, David Baritone/Euphonium1991 to 1993
Sharpe, John Baritone2002 to 2003
Sheard, Owen Trumpet2016
Sizemore, Patrick Baritone2005
Somma, Lisa colorguard2001 to 2003
Stackpole, Bob Baritone1979
Stanford, Kelsey Bassline2004
Stewart, Judy Color Guard1978 to 1979
stillwell, dan Brass2003
Stockard, Brian drumline2000
Stuart, Norman Mellophone1973 to 1974
Stults, Heidi snare2002 to 2006
Sullivan, Sean Mellophone1996 to 2000
Szuba, Chris Tuba2005
Takahata, Yusuke Soprano/Mellophone1994 to 1997
Terry, Michael Admin/Support1998 to 2003
Terry, Michael D Support1998 to 2002
Terry, Michael P. Volunteer1998 to 1999
Euphonium2000 to 2003
Baritone Soloist2004
Lead Baritone2005 to 2007
Terry, Patty Volunteer1998
Thomas, Chris trumpet2003
Thomas, Rodney Color guard2000
Tinker, Ryan Euphonium2005
Villeneuve, Frenchy Guard1991
W, R colorguard1995 to 1997
Warntz, Andy Pit1992
Bass Line1996 to 1997
Volunteer1985 to 1991
Way, Scott Percussion1981 to 1982
Webber, Mike Euphonium1995
Weir, Jeff Baritone1991
West, Lauren Color Guard2002 to 2004
Wilkie, Brian Soprano1980 to 1985
Winder, Todd Colorguard2004 to 2005
Wood, Jim Guard1989
Guard Staff1990 to 1993
Wood, Katie Colorguard2000 to 2004
Zampetti, Patrick Snare Line1977 to 1980
Snare Instructor1981 to 1984
Zulick, Jim colorguard2001 to 2004
Drum Major2005

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