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Member Listing for Freelancers Sacramento, California
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1980 Did you march Freelancers?
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Other names: Capitol Freelancers
homepage: http://www.freelancers.org/
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacramento_Freelancers
Member Name Section Years Involved
(DeRose)Nissen, Martha color guard1977 to 1983
Allison, Carl Hornline - Lead Baritone1977 to 1983
ayers, mike 1977 tympani, 78-2nd soprano, 79/80 - Vibes1977 to 1980
Ayers, Tracy color guard1976 to 1977
Baily, Sue Pit1985 to 1986; 1988
Banks, Johnny Baritone1977 to 1979
Belarmino, Jim Horn1980
Biagini, Syndie Colorguard1985
Boston, Kerry Baritone1976
Branson, Mark Tenors1987 to 1990
brown, derick cymbals1985
Brown, Michael Baritone1976 to 1977
Castle, Jim Riffle Line1980 to 1982
Collins, Bill Brass caption head1973 to 1975
co-caption head1978
Cornelius, Cainan "CJ" Baritone1987 to 1992
Crow, Bob Drumline1985
Dowden, Kristey Percussion1989
edwards, richard contra1991
Ellichman, Nancy French Horn1985
Farnsworth, Michael Colorguard1987
Garrett, Radar upper lead soprano1979 to 1982
Gaughan, Mike Soprano1982
Giles, Kelli Colorguard1991 to 1994
Henderson, Lozell drumline(cymbals)1982
Hendricks, Keri Color Guard1987 to 1990
Higgins, Quinn Mellophone1987 to 1991
Hill, Jeff Flugal Horn1985
Hudson, Todd Soprano1989 to 1994
Isble, Chuck Hornline1976
Knudson, Todd rifle, colorguard1984
Kroening, Brett baritone1979
Krupp, Jennifer French Horn / Alto1988 to 1991
Lee, Joseph Drumline (bass/pit/tenors)1984 to 1986
Lewis, Nathaniel (Junior) Snare 1989
Lucas, Jeff Euphonium1985 to 1986
MacRae, Mark Soprano1976; 1979
Maloney, George Sop - Drum Major1977 to 1978
Matsen, Clint Lead Baritone1989 to 1992
Brass Staff1993
Mendoza, Paul color guard1984 to 1985
Mitchell, Marcus Colorguard/Rifle1981 to 1983
Morgan, Kim colorguard1993 to 1994
Newton, Jeffrey Drumline (Tenors)1982 to 1983
Oneyear, Kari Color Guard1984
Panganiban, Marvin snare1982 to 1983
Pierce, Mark tenors1979
Piliotis, Mike Soprano1992
Pope, Jack Snare1985 to 1986
Prosser, Stephen Altos1988 to 1991
Reynolds, Michael Horn Line - Contra Bass1973 to 1975
Rogers, Dave Soprano1991
Sabonis, Kate color guard1990 to 1991
Sawyer, Frederick (Tony) Mellophone1982 to 1984
Shatto, James Euphonium1988 to 1992
Cooking Staff1993
Shatto, James Hornline / Euphonium1988 to 1992
Silvas, Serena color guard1991 to 1993
Slabaugh, Tom Battery (Bass Drum & Snare)1982 to 1986
Staff1987 to 1990
Sweeney-Robinson, Francine Colorguard1985
Sylke, Scott Soprano1989
Tetrick, Bill Drumline(Mallets)1977
van den Bergen, David Soprano1993
Visco, Julie Horn Line -French Horn1987 to 1988
Visco, Julie Hornline1987 to 1988
Voet, Lenny Sop1978 to 1979; 2010 to 2011
Watt, Phil Cymbals1986
Wiener, Catherine Colorguard1992 to 1994
Wiggins, Tracy Snare1994

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