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Member Listing for San Francisco Renegades San Francisco, CA
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Allen, Tyler Soprano2003 to 2004
Andrews, Mike Soprano2002 to 2006
Bough, Roland Front Ensemble2004
Brodie, Derek Soprano1998
Carr, Calvin Pit2003
Drum Major2004
Celsky, Keith contra2006
Baritone 2007
Chizek, Jr, Joseph Honor Guard2007
Collins, Bill 1st Bari2001 to 2002
Colombini, Francesca soprano2001
Cunningham, Sean percussion2004
Dangerfield, Jojo Colorguard2002 to 2006
DeMello, Jeff Baritone, Board of Directors2000
Director, Baritone, Board of Directors2001
Baritone, Board of Directors2002 to 2004
Board of Directors2005
Dryden, Lisa Colorguard2005 to 2006
Duong, Hao Contra2011 to 2012
Emmond, David Soprano2002 to 2003
Emmons, Troy SOPRANO2003
fitzgerald, jim baritone2003; 2005
Gilman, Greg Baritone2001
Haslanger, Brian Soprano2001
Julian, CJ Mellophone2006 to 2007; 2010
Kent, Kari Color Guard2008
Martinez, Ben (Benji) 3rd baritone2009 to 2012
Martins, Brian Contra2002 to 2003
Mathis, Chris Contra2002; 2004
Matos, Julio Mellophone2002
Mavroudis, Christina Cymbals1997 to 2000
Anti-Pit2003 to 2004
McWilliams, Mike Soprano2002
Miller, Johanna Pit2002 to 2004
Mineer, Anthony 2nd Baritone2002 to 2005
Nash, Mike French Horn1996 to 2001
Nash, Sarah Mellophone2005
Orlandella, Ralph Brass - Contra bass2000 to 2002
Panganiban, Marvin snare2000 to 2004
Peterson, Doug Soprano2001 to 2002
Reynolds, Jon Mellophone2002 to 2005
Sanchez, Ray Soprano2009 to 2012
Serpe, Ralph Baritone2001
Terrill, Trevor Bassline2003 to 2004
Welke, Chris Baritone2004 to 2005
YEH, AL Color Guard2002 to 2007
Young, Randy Baritone2003 to 2004

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