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Member Listing for Crossmen San Antonio, TX
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1975 Did you march Crossmen?
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homepage: http://www.crossmen.org/
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossmen_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Williams, Deborah Color Guard1996
Achee, Bill Contra Line1981
Adams, Sarah Pit2001 to 2002
Alaji, lecia colorguard1984
Alaji, Lecia colorguard1984
albert, spanky hornline1982
Allison, Aaron Soprano1997 to 1998
Andrews, Justin Soprano1999; 2001
Apsey, Katie Colorguard2000 to 2002
Arrieta, Lander Guard2004
Ary, Mike Brass Staff2001
Balsamo, Lauren guard2001
Barnes, Joel Mellophone2003 to 2005
Barton, Sean Soprano1982
Bayani, Brian Contra2000
Beatty, Blaine guard2000
Bennett, Kyle Baritone2002 to 2003
Bennett3rd, Gene drumline/pit ensemble/cymbals1991 to 1992
Benson, Bridget hornline2003 to 2004
Bertrand, Derrick Soprano1990
Bessetti, Paul Mello2002
Blakeney, Sharon Guard1979 to 1980
Blakeney, Sharon guard1979 to 1980
Blosser, Carrie Soprano2001
Drum Major2003
Bostic, Daniel Horn Line (Baritone)1986
Bourdon, Kyle Brass-trumpet2003 to 2005
Brown, Meagan Flugelhorn2003
Bubbenmoyer, Jason Soprano1998 to 2001
Campbell, Fay Color Guard1975 to 1977; 1979 to 1982
Campbell-Thompson, Fay colorguard1975 to 1982
Carino, Tony Trumpet2003 to 2005
Carpenter, Theresa Mellophone2000; 2002
Carr, Ed Horn Line - Mellophone1975 to 1979
caruth, mike Brass1989 to 1993
Cataudella, Vinny Trumpet2005
Chez, Mickey Brass Staff2000 to 2002
Chinemere, Obinna Low Brass2006
Chrisman, Megan Colorguard2003 to 2006
Conigliaro, Joe Snare1999
Corcoran, Kathy Guard1990 to 1991
Cossabone-Grasso, Beth baritone1980
Cottrell, Jesse pit1999
Coughlin, Justin Pit2005 to 2006
Cox, Kristian contra2004
Cromwell, Chris Color Guard2001 to 2003
Cromwell, Lee Baritone2002 to 2003
Cruz, Julio Contra2001
Cuzzocrea, Gary Brass1990 to 1992
Dasher, Donna Guard1975
Davis, Melissa Trumpet2002
de Raad, Harrold soprano1999; 2001
DeGraaf, James B. Honorary Member1982
Dempsey, Colby Contra1999
Dempsey, Ed Contra1979
Denesowicz, Diane Hornline--Baritone1975 to 1978
Deopp, Pat Baritone2002
DeRemer, Nanette Colorguard2001 to 2002
DeRemer, Nanette Colorguard2001 to 2002
DiDato, Stephen Tuba2005
Dively, Ted percussion (snare)1983
Doucet, Jocelyne Vis. Tech2011
Duncan, Stephen Pit2000 to 2002
Duncan, Tiffany Colour Guard1994
Eckard, Rachel Colorguard1984
Eden, Martha Contra2002
Elliott, Jon Color Guard2001 to 2003
Ellis, Chad "UNO" contra dogs2006
Esposito, Vincent Mellophone1991
Fallon, Ray Brass Instructor1991
Ferrer, Russell Soprano1978
Fields, Leighann colorguard2004 to 2005
Flores, Jaime Flugel Horn2002
Foradori, RosAnne Guard / Rifle1981
Ford, Wayne support staff1980
Forin, Tiago Mello/Sop2000 to 2003
Forner, Karlyn Colorguard2001 to 2002
Gallagher, Tim Admin Team2005 to 2006
garbeck, alexandra mellophone1994
Gehlert, Woody Baritone1979 to 1980
Gilchrist, Kelly Guard1997
Gottier, Mike Baritone2006
Gross, Bob percussion, (staff '88, '89)1977 to 1978
Habib, Bill soprano1975 to 1978
Hagood, Shawn snare (auditioning)2005
Hayes, Matt Contra2004 to 2005
Headley, George Lead Soprano1981 to 1983
Brass Staff1984 to 1985
Healy, Bart Soprano1992 to 1993
Hess, Jason color guard1997 to 1999
Hoeruegel, Mike Soprano1995 to 1997
Hopkins, George Percussion1975 to 1978
Howard, Stephen Colorguard2003
Howlett, Tara Baritone1986 to 1987
Jarvis, Chris Baritone2005 to 2010
Jenkins, Taylor euphonium / lead baritone1998 to 2002
Jezierski, Daryl Cymbals2002
Jezierski, Ryan Cymbals2000 to 2004
Johnson, Ned Euph2004 to 2005
Joyner, Stevon Baritone1977 to 1979
Kauffman, Patricia color guard1986 to 1987
Keech, Darrell Percussion1993 to 1994
Kelley, Josh Snare2005 to 2006
Kohl, Adam Euphonium2005
Kozol, Jeff Pit Percussion1987
krempasky, matt caption head/music arranger/brass staff1987 to 1989
music arranger/brass staff1990 to 1994
Kriebel, Ryan Euphonium1996
Labonte, Angela Color Guard2000 to 2001
Lack, John Baritone1997 to 1998
Laning, Jason Percussion1997
Lennox, Christopher Bass Line2004 to 2005
Leonhardt, Carol Rifle Line / Color Guard1981 to 1984
Lewis, Joe Baritone2004
Little, Matt Snare1997
Luckey, Robert Trumpet2005
Mac Vicar, Simon snare2005
MacKenzie, Justis Tuba2007 to 2009
Manganello, Frank Brass2000 to 2002
Maroney, Maggie Brass1996 to 1997
Mathews, Sherry colorguard2002
McAdams, Ronald Admin Staff2007
McBroom, Sam Baritone2011
McDevitt, Maureen Color guard1976
McGinnis, Hugh snare1975 to 1979
McKeeman, Kevin Guard2004 to 2005
McLaughlin, Tyler Trumpet2002
McReady, Sean Cymbals, Flubs1998
Messano, Ester Soprano1990 to 1991
Staff1992 to 1994
Milford, Jared Baritone2006
Miller, Johanna Pit1994 to 1995
Miller, Jon Timpani2002 to 2003
Mingle, Matthew Trumpet2002
Moede, Megan Front Ensemble2007 to 2009
Mullen, Stephanie guard2005
Murphy, William Quads1984
Mutis, Barry Brass1981
Mutis, Barry Brass (Baritone)1981
Nathan, Philip Baritone2002
Neidlinger, Nicole Guard2005
Nelson, Josh percussion1997
O'Brien, Joe Colorguard2004 to 2005
O'Brien, Trevor Mellophone2007
Oleksa, Liz Mellophone2001
Pasqua, Marielle Colorguard2006
Patrick, Dustin Snare2005
Perez, Carlos Color Guard2002
Perez, Sean Contra 2012
Pieper, Ariane Colorguard2004 to 2006
Pitzer, Jesse Tuba2004 to 2005
Plan, Patricia Pit2002 to 2003
Powell, Aaron Mellophone2004
Powell, Aaron Mellophone2004
Pretzello, Andrew Front Ensemble2007 to 2008
Raby, Joseph Baritone 2014 to 2015
Rahn, Abby Mellophone1999 to 2003
Rancont, Tim Mellophone1998
Rasgaitis, Kelley Color guard sabre line2000 to 2002
reedy, andrea color guard2005 to 2007
Reedy, Rick Drum line1975 to 1976
Remmele, Laurel guard2000 to 2003
Reppert, Shannon Volunteer1980 to 1997
Guard1999 to 2000
Richard, Kristen "KK" Mellophone2004 to 2006
Riehl, Tim tuba2006
Rittler, Kate Soprano/Flugelhorn2000 to 2003
Rodney, Rob Color Guard2000
rooney, elizabeth pit1999 to 2001
Ross, Drew Soprano1999 to 2001
Sadowsky, Ken Soprano1995
Sarver, Julie Trumpet2005 to 2006
Savage, Vickie Colorguard1989 to 1991
Schreiber, Keriann soprano2000
Shabazz, Ayatey Percussion1988 to 1989
Shearer, Grant Baritone2004 to 2007
Shortall, Mike Drumline2006
Sims, Tom Contra1980
Smith, Brian DrumLine1999 to 2002
Snyder, Sean Brass staff1996
Spadea, Cathleen Baritone/Euphonium2000 to 2002
Spena, Joe Brassline/Soprano/Trumpet2000 to 2003
Spielman, Matthew Euphonium2005
Statton, Mac Baritone/Euphonium1999; 2001 to 2002
Stemet, Doug Horn Line1975 to 1977
steppe, matt soprano1992 to 1993
Stover, Holly Guard2004 to 2005
Szeglin, Rich Contra Bass1999 to 2000
Tanner, Michelle guard2002
Terrill, Trevor Baritone2005
Thatcher, Rob Tenors1996
Torres, Felix Percussion: Pit2001
Percussion: Snare2003
Tucker, Jamie Tuba2003
Tuba Section Leader2005
Tunison, David Bari/Euph1999 to 2001
Tunison, Scott Baritone1999 to 2001
Turner, Steve Baritone1984
Venitelli, Vince Trumpet2006
Vitale, Christopher sop1999; 2001 to 2002
Walker, Danny Mellophone2004 to 2005
Walker, Justin Flugelhorn2004
Wands, Steve Baritone1990; 1992
Brass Staff1996
Ware, Kristan Trumpet (Soprano)2002
Watson, Aaron Lead Sop2002
White, Stephen Baritone2002
Wier, Justin Mellophone2005
Wilcox, Clifton Mellophone2002
Williams, Leigha guard2003 to 2004
Williams, Michele Brass (Soprano)1975 to 1980
Williams, Phil Percussion1995 to 1998
Winder, Todd colorguard2000 to 2003
Witek, Aaron Trumpet2004
Wood, Steve Baritone - Over Age2006

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