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Member Listing for Black Watch (NJ) Willingboro, NJ
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1966 Did you march Black Watch (NJ)?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Member Name Section Years Involved
Achee, Bill Contra Line1979; 1982
Aldrich/Thorpe, William Percussion1970 to 1976
Bicking, Kristin mellophone and sorpano soloist1978 to 1982
Brooks, Jesse Drumline1982 to 1984
Brown, Dale Drum Instructor1975 to 1979
Clark, Greg drumline1976 to 1982
Cossabone-Grasso, Beth baritone1979
Elder, Isaac Drum Line1982 to 1983
Grigg, Chuck Drumline1972 to 1984
holton, paula horn1968 to 1978
Katz, Josh Soprano1982 to 1983
Kozak, John Baritone1975 to 1978
Leach, Teri Soprano, Saber, Winter Guard1974 to 1979
Leonhardt, Carol Rifle Line1976 to 1980
Magliocco, Jennie Soprano1979
Martin, Michael Soprano1979 to 1980
McKinney, Nanette Baritone1973 to 1977
Mineer, Anthony 2nd Baritone1981 to 1982
Ross, Marie Color Guard1966 to 1968
Scroggins, Michele fluglehorn and soprano1982 to 1983
Smith, Ken Drumline1982 to 1985
Smith, Lisa Hornline (Flugelhorn)1982 to 1983
Stekeur (Ste-'cure), Rich Lead Soprano1977 to 1979
Thorpe, William Drumline1970 to 1976
Instructor1982 to 1984
Thorpe, William Drums1970 to 1976
Color Guard Instructor1977 to 1980
Marching Instructor1981 to 1983
Volkman, Rick Drum Line1975 to 1982
Warner, Kenneth Drum Line1983
Williams, Carrie Colorguard1980 to 1983
Wolf, Jim Soprano/Mellaphone1972 to 1977

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