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Member Listing for Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1976 Did you march Spirit of Atlanta?
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Other names: Spirit; Spirit of Georgia; JSU Spirit
homepage: http://www.spiritdrumcorps.org/
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_of_Atlanta_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Abney, Jeff tenors1980 to 1981
Akey, Josh Snare1999
Anderson, Jim baritone1978
Andujar, Colleen Colorguard2007
Armstrong, Alan Soprano1982 to 1985
Staff1987 to 1997; 2000 to 2001
Armstrong, Craig Visual Tech1999
Bailey, Derek Baritone2002
Bailey, Susan Cymbals1977 to 1980
Bertram, Mark Visual Staff1992
Bierce, Hal Percussion/Tenors1977 to 1981
Blair, Patrick Contra Line1993
Bornstein, Jack Roadie1982
Bass Drum1983; 1985
Bornstein, Niel flugel horn1982; 1984
Bough, Roland Front Ensemble1999
Contra Bass2000
Coggin, Greg Soprano2009 to 2010
Cook, Drogheda PIT2002 to 2005
Coppola, Matt Mellophone2008
Davidson, Brandon Mellophone1995
Dawson, James Soprano Bugle1983
Dawson, Willard Flugelhorn1983
DeJournett, Bill French Horn1986; 1988
Duncan, Kelly Contrabass1992
Eden, Martha Contra1999 to 2001
Ellender, Cindy Color Guard1982 to 1985
Elrod, Brian French Horn1984
Frederick, Benjamin Soprano2004
Geraci, Billy Soprano2002 to 2003
Golus, Gary Snare1992
Greer, Brian Euphonium1993
Guest, Michelle Mellophone2006 to 2007
gulliford, kassi euphonium2001 to 2007
Hearn, Patrick Mellophone1997 to 1998
Henshaw, Jen Guard/Flag2001
Hill, Paul Bass Line1997
Hopkins, Gary mellophone/drum major1977 to 1979
Color Guard Caption Head1980
Brass Staff 1991 to 1992
Howard, Julian Tuba2001
Hughes, Jim Bass Drum1998
Jenner, Bryan Management Team1995 to 1997
Jenner, Bryan Management Team1995 to 1997
Jones, Scott Soprano1989 to 1990
Judice, Jesse Euphonium2002
Kearney, Jimmy Contra1979
Knapp, Vicki Color Guard1997
krempasky, matt caption head/music arranger1997 to 2000
Kunkel, Matthew Baritone1995 to 1996
Lamb, Jason Soprano2003
Lary, Ben pit2000 to 2001
Lasley, Caryn Color Guard2005
Leonard, Christian Baritone1987
Litzsinger, Matt Euphonium2015 to 2016
Long, Christopher Soprano1993
lopez, ryan colorguard2010 to 2012
Marshman, Scott Color Guard1986 to 1987
McBrayer, John Contra Bass1989 to 1992
McIntosh, Jason colorguard staff1993
mckenzie, teresa color guard1983
McLendon, Richard Pit Arranger1985
Mercer, Amanda Guard2000; 2002
Milano, Paul Corps Manager1978 to 1980
Vice Chairman of the Board2001 to 2003
Morton, Drew Baritone2005
Muncher, Mike Front Ensemble1999
Muncher, Mike Percussion1999
murphy, molly mellophone2004
Nayman, Josh tenors1999
Nelson, Jeff snare1979 to 1981
Newman, James DIRECTOR1994 to 1999
Nichols, David Soprano2001 to 2002
outz, jeff lead sop.1978
Palmer, Steven contrabass2002 to 2003
Poulan, Key Brass Arranger1992 to 1993
Propes, Mark Drumline1979
Quiram, Lea Trumpet2004
Reed, Jim Snare1996
Reichardt, Debbie Colorguard / Rifle1978 to 1979
Ritchie, Andy Snare1982
Roberts, Micky Soprano1980
Robichaux, Josh Percussion/ Front Ensemble2001 to 2002
Pit tech2003 to 2007
Ruiz, Maricelie Drumline1997
Schmidt, Michael contra, soprano1981 to 1982
Shreffler, Bob Snare1980
Skinner, Jason Contra1998 to 1999; 2001
Smelser, David Percussion1989 to 1992
Smith, Jared Contra2001 to 2003
Smith, Michael Mellophones1998
Snell-Wisner, Deanna Front ensemble 1997
Stepson, Steven Baritone (soloist)1993 to 1994
Stevens, Jesse Front Ensemble2010 to 2012
Story, Scott Mellophone1993
Taylor, Mario Cymbals2003
Taylor, Sean bass/tenors1994 to 1995
Tilley, Timothy Soprano1988
Vasquez, Ramon Brass Staff2006
Brass Caption Head2008
Weidenthal, Weedy Soprano2007
Weyer, Christopher Baritone/Drum Major2000 to 2001
Weyer, Christopher Baritone/Drum Major2000 to 2001
White, Matthew Trumpet2008; 2010
Wolfford, Bryan Soprano2002

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