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Member Listing for Argonauts Salem, OR
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1974 Did you march Argonauts?
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Other names: Flamingos, Flamingo Lancers; Sons of the American Legion
Member Name Section Years Involved
Baretich, Steve Drum Major1987
Bergstrom, Joy Colorguard1991 to 1993
Bishop, Todd snare/tenors1981 to 1985
Blakeney, Sharon Guard1977
Blakeney, Sharon guard1977
Boehmke, Bob Snare Drum Line1982 to 1983
Boehmke, Bob snare drumline1982 to 1983
Boles, Sandi Color Guard1977
Brooks, Darrin brass1978 to 1985
Butsch, Jon Percussion1983 to 1985
Cadwallader, Rick Baritone1973 to 1977
Cole, Craig Hornline1980 to 1987
Day, Tina Hornline1978 to 1983
Dickey (Hawkins), Janine Color Guard1977 to 1984
Gunselman, Linda Colorguard1980 to 1987
Hall, D Horn Line1978
Hanhi, Judi color guard1970 to 1974
Hargis, Kenneth Baritone1970 to 1973
Hedling, Meiko Soprano, lead1975 to 1977
Hedling, Paul Drill Instructor 1977 to 1978
Heinrichs, Greg HORN LINE (SOPRANO, MELLOPHONE)1973 to 1976
Henderson, Scott contra1983 to 1985
Hensley, James Drum Line1980 to 1982
Hoffman, Daryl Drum Major1977
Howard, Dan Drum Line1976 to 1977
hurt, carl Brass/ Colour guard1982 to 1987
Jones, Bob Drum Line Tympani75-771972 to 1977
Jull, Kurt Guard1984 to 1985
Langford, Russell Drumline1963 to 1968
Lucas, Jeff Baritone1984
Marical, Michael Drum, Cymbal Line1985
Maxwell, Don Drum Line1978 to 1987
Maxwell, Janet Color Guard1978 to 1987
Megargel, Alan Lead Soprano1977
Norton, Larry Drumline1965 to 1971
Penn, Pati Guard1984 to 1986
pruitt, mark drumline1972 to 1974
Ryan, Derek Baritones1980 to 1983
Schain, Brian Horn1982 to 1983
Schultz, Leanne Colorguard1994
Sifers, Karen Brass1987
Sonsteng, Cindy Hornline1985
Stoehr, Char Color Guard1981 to 1982
White, Tim Drum Major1982
White, Tim Drum Major1982
Wilson, Greg Snare1976

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