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Member Listing for Carolina Gold Greensboro, NC
Active Senior Corps founded in 2001 Did you march Carolina Gold?
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Allen, Joe Soprano/Euphonium2001 to 2002
Arrington, David Contra2003 to 2004
Braswell, Channing Drumline(Tenors)2001 to 2002; 2004
Callicutt, Bob Soprano2011
clark, jonathan baritone2005
Gifford, Giff Soprano2002
Gifford, Jonathan Soprano/staff2002 to 2005
Glover, Bob Brass Caption Head, Pit2001 to 2002
Green, Chris Co-Founder/Mellophone/Creative Director/Staff2001 to 2003
Jessee, Josh Guard/Staff2002
Jones, Andrew pit2003 to 2004
Kachman, Mike percussion/staff/administration2001
percussion/administration2002 to 2003
Kessler, Melissa Pit2002
Kilgore, Alex Baritone2015
Kupsco, Chris Percussion/Staff2001 to 2002
Kupsco, Chris Percussion/Staff2001 to 2002
La'Trine, Pierre Contrabass2002 to 2003
Lopez, Lucien Front Ensemble2015
Merchant, Wil Trumpet/Soprano2014
Mickus, David Mellophone2003 to 2004
Purcell, Ashley Baritone2013
Rhodes, Matt Soprano2011 to 2012
Russell, Jeremy contra2002 to 2005
Sanders, Marc Mellophone2001
Sgammato, Greg Pit2005 to 2006
Sroka, David Mellophone2004 to 2005
Stokes, Keith Soprano2004 to 2005
Stovall, Tommy Baritone2003
Tandy, A.D. Percussion2004; 2006
Trace, Alex Front Ensemble2005
Vielhaber, David Snare2007 to 2008
Wheeler, Jessica Mellophone2005 to 2006
wheeler/baker, jessica/cameron Mellophone2003 to 2005
Wood, Jim Baritone2003
Zolty, Jim Pit2003

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