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Member Listing for Suncoast Sound Clearwater, FL
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1979 Did you march Suncoast Sound?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Member Name Section Years Involved
( Thumper ) Carter, Jimmie Founding Drumline Staff1978 to 1979
Barnett, Jeff Baritone1981
Callaway, Blair Baritone1986
Cook, Brian Soprano1989
De Nunzio, Ryan Bass Line (#1)1995
Garafola, Christina mellophone1985 to 1987
Garrett, Becky Mello1992
Hotnit, Glen Contra1983 to 1984
Huffnagle, Craig Euphonium1988
Hyde, Mike Contra, Drum Major1982 to 1985
Jenner, Bryan Assistant Director1995
Jenner, Bryan Assistant Director1995
jimenez, juan soprano1988
Kitchen, Sue Guard1984
Klein, Brian Soprano1980 to 1981
Knapp, Vicki Alto/Color Guard1992 to 1995
Knob, Steve Horn staff1983
Lloyd, Brent soprano1981 to 1984
Mason, Adam quads1984
McBrayer, John Contra Bass1988
Miller, Jeff Baritone/Euphonium1987 to 1988
Morabito, Don Visual Ensemble1988 to 1989
Newman, James STAFF1994
Nielsen, Eric Hornline1981 to 1986
Norris, Luke Drumline1994
Poole, Mark Brass1985
pruitt, chris quads1983 to 1984
Reed, Cary Mellophone1984
Saidi, Marwan Brass (Contrabass)1987 to 1989
Salas, Randy Baritone1983; 1985
Schoenborn, Daniel Baritone1981 to 1985
Sirani, Audrey Guard1986
Snell, Deanna Front ensemble 1994
Snodgrass, Linc Soprano1982
Unger, Brent Visual Staff1995
Walls, Bill Contrabass1982 to 1984
Wear, Bill Support Staff/Driver1985 to 1986
White, Troy Baritone1988

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