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Member Listing for Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1967 Did you march Santa Clara Vanguard?
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homepage: http://www.scvanguard.org
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Clara_Vanguard_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Abbott, Mark Euphonium2001
Amador, Jesse Baritone1966 to 1972
Arnold, Mackenzie trumpet2001 to 2002
mellophone2003 to 2004
Atkin, Matt Contra2009
Ball, Dave Percussion (Bass line)1974 to 1976
Balleza, Nick lead sop2005 to 2009
Barreras, Ray Mallets - Xylophone1981
Beraun, Sergio Soprano/Trumpet2005
bermudez, john lead baritone1978 to 1982
Bernard, Kevin Trumpet2006 to 2007
Bernstein, Alex Euphonium2002
Blue, Alex Euphonium2004
Blue, Alex Baritone/Euphonium2006 to 2007
Bostic, Daniel Guard1988
Brakewell, Paul Mellophone2003 to 2005
Brown, Erik Trumpet2001 to 2002
Mellophone2003 to 2004
Buxbaum, Jo Ann color guard1984 to 1986
Cabrera, Michael Colorguard2003 to 2005
Chappell, Patrick Baritone2005 to 2009
Cordes, Lindsay Trumpet2002 to 2003
Craig, Charles Mallets1981 to 1982
Cuevas, Daniel Colorguard2005
Curnutt, Ben French Horn2002
Ellis, Clayton Baritone1993
Estrada, Eric Drumline/Bass2001 to 2003
Ferland, Kyle Baritone2005
flores, nathalie colorguard2002
Frost, Amy Trumpet2003 to 2006
Garcia, Andy Color Guard2002 to 2003
Garcia, Stacey Baritone2004
Giles, Tony Alto/Flugel1981 to 1982
Gilmore, Anthony Bass Drum1980
Ginsburg, Fonda Pit1987
Gipson, Derek high brass coordinator2008
Glahn, Jeff French Horn1981
Gofstein, Marc Contra Bass1986
Gray, Kurt Mellophone2003
Grimes, Mark Baritone1974 to 1975
Harrington, Don Contra1974 to 1978
Harrington, Don Contra1974 to 1978
Hassler, Jeff Contra/Tuba1999 to 2002
Hatheway, Dave Baritone1981
Hofius, Chris Trumpet2003
Hofius, Christopher Trumpet2003 to 2006
Holtz, Erin Mellophone (Auditioning)2006
house, steve baritone1977 to 1978
Hoyt, Kirbie Mellophone2005
Hubka, Tom Trumpet2003 to 2004
Hunter, Matt Cymbal Section1978 to 1979
Bassline1981 to 1982
Irons, Mark Euphonium/Drum Major1997 to 2001
James, Bob Soprano1986 to 1988
Jones, Bobby colorguard2003
Jones, Bobby Colorguard2003 to 2006
Jones, Erin guard2003
Kadrie, Julie trumpet2004
Khedekar, Shekhar Snare2001 to 2002
Kile, Andrea Trumpet2002 to 2004
Kim, John Trumpet2001
Kinoshita, Steve Mellophone1984
Krohn, Samantha Mellophone2000 to 2003
LaFountaine, David Baritone1974 to 1975
Langworthy, Daryl Percussion1980 to 1981
Lawson, Jerry Euphonium1983
Ledtje, Leah Trumpet2005
Lodigiani, Chris Rifle1972 to 1976
Luke, Curtis Soprano1974
Lumapas, Stevenson Colorguard2004 to 2005
Majors, Aaron Sop/Trumpet2004
Martinez, Ben Baritone and Contra1968 to 1972
Martins, Kevin Mellophone2005
Matos, Julio Soprano1989
Mellophone1990; 1992
Mavroudis, Emily color guard (weapon)1997 to 2003
McCall, Justin Cymbal Line2003
McCallie, Russ Baritone2005 to 2009
McCann, Brad Contra2003
McGill, Lauren Euph2008
McLaughlin, Daniel Soprano/Mellophone2000 to 2006
McLaughlin, Daniel Hornline2000 to 2006
McWilliams, Mike Lead Soprano1977 to 1983; 1985
Megargel, Alan Lead Soprano1978 to 1980
Mendoza, Paul color guard1987 to 1988
Miller, Dean French Horn/Mellophone1984 to 1987
Minor, Jesse Trumpet2003 to 2006
Molnar, Jeff Baritone2005
Moody, Paul Horns1969 to 1973
Moorman, Jeff Euphonium2002 to 2003
Nelson, Kayla Baritone2005
Noll, August Emile snares2005
O'Brien, Bill Colorguard2004
Oeland, Jim Bass1968
Marching Timpani1969 to 1973
Otani, Ray Contrabass1981
Owens, Dan Lead Soprano1984
Patlan, Charles Baritone2004
Poling, Laura trumpet2002 to 2004
Poulan, Key Brass Arranger2003
Program Coordinator / Brass Arranger2004
Powell, Aaron Mellophone2005
Prentice, Christopher Mellophone1999
Preston, Chris Trumpet2003
Quick, Robert Euphonium2005
Rajpura, Jennifer Colorguard2004 to 2005
Rathbun, Travis Baritone2003 to 2004
reniers, peter baritone2005 to 2007
Riebesehl, Dale contra1986
Ristau, Brendan Bari/Euph2012
Rivera, Joey Bassline2000
Roberts, Wes French Horn2002
Robinson, Brian Color Guard2005
Roquemore, Jordan trumpet2005
Rosen, Tracy Mellophone2006
Rouleau, Michel Mellophone1988
Rountree, Christopher Baritone2003 to 2004
Roy, Jonette Colorguard1973 to 1975
Saldana, Luis Euphonium/Drum Major1999 to 2000; 2002 to 2004
Salvatore, Joe Drumline - Cymbals1989
Saul, Ryan Pit1999
Schwartz, Andy Euphonium2002 to 2003
Scipio, Ronald Baritone2007
Euphonium 2008 to 2009
Senninger, Kiel Trumpet2004
Shields, Laura Front Ensemble2003
Shulman, Stuart Contra/Drum Major2001 to 2003
Simon, Natan trumpet2002; 2004
Smith, Joe Mellophone2005 to 2006
Stanton, Russell Hornline1975
Stoneberger, Brian Trumpet2003
Strauss, Nick contra2004 to 2006
Taylor (Griffin), Janice Color Guard1983
Torres, Mathew Trumpet2003
Turner, Bill soprano1976
Unruh, Eric French Horn, Mellophone1970 to 1975
Vasquez, Ramon Brass Staff2007
Wagoner, Jon Baritone1985 to 1987
Walter, Maureen Color Guard (Flag)1971 to 1975
Warren, Andrew Euphonium2000 to 2001; 2003
Welke, Chris "Cud" Baritone1997
Westendorf, Joe Baritone2005
White, Lauren Baritone2004 to 2006
White, Tim Mello/Soprano1984 to 1986
Whiteman, Sasquatch Baritone1977
wienen, frank trumpet2006
Wilcox, Clifton Mellophone2005
Wu, Joanne/Ying-chieh Colorguard2005 to 2006
Yankee, K. Megan Color Guard2003 to 2006

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