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Member Listing for Hawthorne Caballeros Hawthorne, NJ
Active Senior Corps founded in 1946 Did you march Hawthorne Caballeros?
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homepage: http://www.cabs.org/
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawthorne_Caballeros_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Accardi, John Drum Line1975 to 1977
Aitken Jr, Charles Drumline1992 to 1997
Amalino, Frank solo soprano1971 to 1973
Ames, Roger mellophone1990 to 1991
Andreazza, Steve Soprano1975 to 1976; 1999 to 2001
Andretta, Rich Baritone1975 to 1976; 1999; 2005
Auch, John Baritone1974 to 1975
Babula, Eric Colorguard2001
Beauchamp, Doug Baritone2003
Bennett3rd, Gene Drumline/snare1998
Berger, Adam Soprano1993
Borkstrom, Amanda Baritone2013 to 2015
Buffenmyer, Andrew "Buffy" Baritone2008 to 2010
Campos, Brent Brass/DM/Staff1977 to 1986
Carr, Tom Mellophone1985 to 1992
Case, Joshua Tuba2014
Celsky, Keith Tuba2009
Clinch, Andrea Soprano1987 to 1989
Colon, Mark Lead Soprano2011
Corcoran, Kathy guard1998 to 1999
D'Andrea, Anthony Drumline2005
D'Andrea II, Anthony Percussion2005 to 2007
Staff2008; 2011
Dailey, Gary Brass arranger "La Fiesta"1980 to 1981
Day, Roger Baritone1957 to 1960
De Value, Jack French Horn/ Mellaphone1966 to 1971
DeFalco, Audrie Guard1995 to 1998
DeFalco, Frank Baritone1995 to 1996; 1998 to 1999
Delaney, Bob Mellophone2002 to 2004
Dernelle, Walter Color Guard1974 to 1976
Dodd, Matt Euphonium1997 to 2000
Baritone2001 to 2003
Dolson, Andrew mellophone1998 to 2000
Doyle, Robert P mellophone2009 to 2012
Dumond, Philip Brass1970 to 1974
Duncan, Bill Mellophone1984 to 1993
Egbert, Jim Drum Line1972 to 1974
Eltman, Kay Colorguard1995 to 2001
Colorguard/Admin Staff2002 to 2003
Espinal, Vanessa Percussion2000
Fallon, Carol Ann Lead Soprano1989 to 1991
Ferreira, Gordito Soprano1999 to 2001
Soprano2003 to 2004
Ferris, Gary Marimba1976
Fisher, Mark Staff2009
Fostvedt, Paul Baritone1970 to 1975
Francis, Ed Mellophone2007
Freeman, Adam Mellophone/Baritone2000 to 2003
Gambit, Henry Bud French Horn1958 to 1962
garbeck, alexandra Tuba2006
Garcia, Pete Baritone1973
Glennon, Sean Contra and Mellophone1996 to 2004; 2006
Glover, Bud Triple Tenor1973 to 1979
Griffin, Aronne Baritone2006
Gross, Eric Bass Line2001
hazel, greg baritone2005
Hazelwood, Glen Tenors1984 to 1986
Tenor Tech2002
Heagen, Marty Soprano Horn1967 to 1968
Hewitt, Tom Brass1971
Hines, Shawn soprano1998 to 1999
Horne, Steve Contra1983 to 1986
Horne, Steve Contra1983 to 1986
Jenner, Bryan baritone1989 to 1991
Jenner, Bryan Baritone1989 to 1991
Visual Instructor2009 to 2010
Johnson, Scott Percussion (tenors)2001
Percussion (bass)2003
June, Johnny Soprano1999
Katz, Josh mellophone1986 to 2010
Kennedy, Dennis cymbals1985
Kochel, Kevin mellophone/baritone2006 to 2007
krempasky, matt caption head/music arranger1987 to 1990
Krenkel, Jon Snare Drum1977 to 1979
Kuiper, Adrian First Soprano1959 to 1961
LaGreca, Chuck Mellophone / Flugle1970 to 1982
Lea, George Brass1983 to 1984; 1992 to 1993
Visual Staff2000 to 2006
Lo Porto, Frank drum line1976 to 1977
macaluso, salvatore soprano1962 to 1970
Magro, Fred Drumline1978
Marshman, Scott Color Guard1998 to 2002
Mayer, Robert Baritone1981
McNeff, Cheryl Color Guard1995 to 1999
Menear, Bob Lead Soprano1969
Meyer, Michael Soprano2003
Meyer, Jr., John Trumpet2011
Michaud, Russell Brass-Tuba2012 to 2014
Mignemi, Chris Baritone2000 to 2001; 2003
Mingle, Matthew Soprano1999 to 2001
Murray, Bob Baritone1979 to 2002
Murray, Robert Baritone1979 to 2002
Navetta, Mario Soprano1963 to 1964
Newman, James PERCUSSION1979 to 1980
Nichols, Ed Snare Drum1963 to 1964
Norton, Tom Baritone1969 to 1971
Orrico, Christian Soprano1996 to 1998
Padilla Jr., Jose A. color guard2000 to 2002
Parisi, Anthony Euphonium2000 to 2001
Parker, Bill Soprano1975 to 1976
Parker, William Soprano1975 to 1976
Peters, Doug Baritone1968 to 1969
Plunkett, Oliver Baritone1999 to 2004
Ponzo, Frank Soprano1990 to 1992; 1994 to 1998; 2000
Popolizio, Larry soprano1967
Poulan, Key Brass Arranger2003 to 2004
Raclowski, Steve Soprano1972 to 1977
Rivera, Angel Lead Soprano1999 to 2002; 2004
Rivera, Angel Lead Soprano1999 to 2002; 2004; 2006
Rivera, Lou (Eddie) Soprano/Mellowphone/Flugelhorn1983 to 1990
Rosenstock, Joshua Baritone Line1995 to 1996
RUBEL, GUS horn1961 to 1969
Rykowski, John J. soprano1991 to 1993
Sanders, Pagean Trumpet2004 to 2005
Sangster, Derek Percussion1993 to 1995
Sapienza, Bill Lead Soprano1975 to 1980; 1988 to 1990
Sato, Naoki Baritone2007
Seville, Michael Drumline- Tenors2011
Sickles, William Colorguard1965
Smith, John Drum section, snaredrum1966 to 1973
Sortino, Chris Tenor1967 to 1969
Double Conga1970 to 1974
Steel Drum1975
Double Conga1976 to 1977
specia, al color guard & drumline1971 to 1976
Stachelrodt, Michael ( igor ) Contra1989 to 1994
starr, george sop1974 to 1975
Stevens, Laura Michele Mellophone2003 to 2007
Stevens, Laura Michele' Mellophone2003 to 2005
Stork, Joe snare2009 to 2010
Stout, Walter Soprano2002 to 2003
Trumpet2004 to 2005; 2007 to 2009; 2011 to 2013
Tarallo, Ralph horn1963 to 1967
Thweatt, Joanne Color Guard1985
Tufaro, Tom Contraline/Bassline1990 to 1991; 1994 to 1996; 1999
Turner, Pamela Honor Guard1998 to 2002
Williams, Ryan Staff2012
Williams, Steve Rudimental Bass1971
Double Conga1972 to 1974
Steel Drums1975
Winfield, Michael Baritone1982 to 1987; 1989 to 1997; 1999 to 2002
Young, Jesse Color Guard2004 to 2005

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