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Member Listing for Velvet Knights Anaheim, CA
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1963 Did you march Velvet Knights?
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Other names: merger Anaheim Scouts and Explorer Scout Post #72
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Allen, Tyler Soprano1995
Arnot (Roebuck), Ann(Happi) flag1984
Baer, Lex Drum Major1969 to 1970
Ball, Darla Colorguard1976; 1980 to 1982
Barber, Jeff Bass Drum1995
Biondo, Steve Tenor1974 to 1975
Boots, Larry Drumline1979
Brimson, Snapple Baritone1996 to 1997
Briseno, James hornline/mellophone1989
Burns, Don Contra1991
Carnegie, Ron Soprano1978 to 1979
Castle, Jim Soprano Bugle1977 to 1979
Conley III, Everett Contra line1989
Cross, John Mellophone1981 to 1982
Cunningham, Sean percussion1988 to 1989
Damewood, Kevin Soprano1971 to 1973
Douglas, Earl Snare Drun1963 to 1965
Eaton, Matt Upper Euphonium1986 to 1987
Egland, Todd Pit1992
Egland, Todd Pit1992
Emmond, David Mellophone1992; 1994
Emmons, Troy ALTOS1991 to 1993
Findler, Nona Colorguard1983 to 1985; 1988
Gaba, Mel Baritone1983
Geiges, Jamie Alto1994
Gilman, Greg Marching Instructor1982 to 1983
Gray, Joe mellophone1995 to 1996
Groh, Charlie hornline/m&m staff1963 to 1993
Hall, Lynne Color Guard1965 to 1968
Hargett, Charles Soprano1983 to 1986
Harris, Catherine French Horn1974; 1977
Hathaway, Steve Baritone1984 to 1985
heckman, robert sopranos, lower lead1989 to 1990
Henderson, Lozell drumline(Quads)1986
Hendricks, Francine Soprano1994
Herring, Kevin Soprano1988 to 1989
Holgate, Nancy colorguard1977 to 1982
Hubbard, Scott Drumline - Tenors1991
Johnson, Jeff soprano1985
Kendall, Karen Color Guard1980 to 1982
Keys, Corkie Color Guard1975 to 1978
Kuramoto, Eiichi Baritone,UpperLead1989
Lima, Gary Middle Horn1982 to 1986
Magee, Gregory Soprano (UpperLead)1986 to 1987
MARTINEZ, BILL Soprano / Mellophone1974
McCoy, John soprano1977 to 1984
mcguire, kristie color guard1974 to 1975
Meade, Dave Baritone1982 to 1987
mercure, oniel percussion1979 to 1980
Mitchell, Jeff Pit1992 to 1994
Mitchell, Marcus Colorguard1980
Moreno, Scott Tenors '76, snare '77-'791976 to 1979
Neilson, Brad Alto / Soprano1989 to 1992
Nelson, Kim Color Guard1988 to 1990
Norris, Dale Baritone Horn1968 to 1969
Oneyear, Kari Winter Color Guard1985
Palmer, Randy Soprano, French Horn1969 to 1970
Parker, Garry tenors1971 to 1973
Price, Bill Drum Major1989 to 1990
Riebesehl, Dale contra1984 to 1985
Roberts, Patti Color Guard1994 to 1996
Rosebrock, Eric Horn Line1976 to 1978
Salvatore, Joe Drum Line - Cymbals1984 to 1985
Sarbeck, James Contra1980 to 1982
Sierra, Martin "Muff" Contra1995 to 1996
Silbaugh, Melinda (Mindy) Colorguard1978 to 1982
Simpkins, Bill Drum Major1964 to 1965
Smith, Steve Snare Drum1969 to 1970
Thompson, David Euphonium, Baritone, Visual Staff1992 to 1994
Tillery, Scott Euphonium1994
Turner, Bill soprano1973 to 1975
mello, instructor1978
mello, arranger, instructor1979
Turner, Ryan H. Baritone, Drum Major1984 to 1987
Turner, Ryan H. Baritone, Drum Major1984 to 1987
Warrick, Randy Soprano/Mellophone1975 to 1976
Watson, Thom Contra1984 to 1985
Watt, Phil drumline1987 to 1991
Welke, Chris Upper Lead Baritone1996
White, David Mellophone1975
White, David Mellophone1975
Wilson, Greg Snare1977
Drum Staff1978 to 1979
Zeilinger, Dan Soprano1972 to 1974
Zeilinger, Ron Baritone (Lead)1980 to 1985

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