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Member Listing for Star of Indiana Bloomington, Indiana
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1985 Did you march Star of Indiana?
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Bahner, Roderick Soprano1988
Basey, Matthew Contra1992
Baugh, Kevin Trumpet1996
Baugh, Kevin (House) Soprano1996
Burklew, Pamela Color Guard1986
Carrico, Tiffany lead soprano1987 to 1988
Doucet, Jocelyne Hornline Tuba2010
Fena, Stacie color guard1987 to 1988
Fudge, Shane Lead Soprano1989
Gardner, Clark Snare1992 to 1993
Giles, Darold Battery-Tenors1985
Gonya, Douglas Hornline, Soprano1988
Gornto, Rod Mellophone1993
Griffith, Ray Euphonium/Contra1986
Gulick, Chad French Horn/Mellophone1994 to 1995
Hamilton, David Contra1987
Hefner, Marlana Mellophone1985 to 1988
Jakubowski (Johnson), Brenda guard1985 to 1986
Kamm, Philip Bass Drum1985 to 1986
Logan, Timothy Drumline1988
Minton, John Contra1990 to 1992
Morgan, Evan Battery1985
Pirtle, Scooter Mellophone1986 to 1987
santos, steven contra1992 to 1993
Sexton, Dave Baritone1986 to 1989
Snyder, Sean Contra1993
Staring, Heather mellophone1987
Taylor, Tony Mellophone1987
Tye, Steve Contra1985
Unger, Brent Mellophone1988
Wichowski (-Hill), Lisa Mary brass1985

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