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Member Listing for Sundowners Eau Claire, WI
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1971 Did you march Sundowners?
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homepage: http://www.ecdrumcorps.org
Member Name Section Years Involved
(Hake) Pederson, Lori Baritone 1980
(Leland) Krueger, Pam Soprano1975 to 1978
Allen, Michael drum1973 to 1975
Ausman, Mike Drum Line1970 to 1972
Bandt, Bill drumline1976 to 1981
Bluem, Clem & Ginger EQ Truck & Chaperon1974 to 1975
Bluem, Colleen Color Guard1975 to 1976
Bluem, Michael (Spanky) Saprono Horn1974 to 1975
Bradford, Mark Baritone Bugle1973
Burlingame, Craig Drum line1974 to 1978
Christofferson, Jeri Colorguard1975 to 1980
DAHL, JOHN horn1979 to 1981
drinkman, bob percussion1974 to 1984
drinkman, robert percussion1975 to 1984
drinkman, robert percussion1973 to 1985
drinkman, robert percussion1974 to 1984
Duesterbeck, Wayne Drum Instructor1970 to 1975
Fenske, Bob (Fearless) soparano & French horn 1970 to 1974
Gardner (Gorton), Carol (KC) colorguard1977 to 1981
Gunderson, John Horn Line/ Lead Soprano1975 to 1977; 1979 to 1981
Gunderson-Tkac, Sandra horn/colorguard/rifle1975 to 1980
Harwood, Hope Mellophone1972 to 1974
Heller, Dawn Horns1975 to 1979
Henke, Kelly contra bass1979 to 1981
Holmen, Julie soprano, color guard1977 to 1981
Winter Guard1988
Kelshaw, Dr. Doug Contra Base1980
Leet, Sandy Soprano1972 to 1975
Luginbill, Dean Brass1978 to 1984
Luginbill, Dennis Brass1978 to 1984
McMillan, Carey horn1972 to 1973
drum major1974 to 1975
mcmillan, Doug drum1970 to 1975
Nanstad, Diane Color Guard1979 to 1981
Olson, Tammy Colorgarud1977 to 1981
Sather, Clayton Drum Line1977 to 1979
Seidling, Gretchen Corp Mom uniforms, food chaparon1973 to 1981
Seidling, patrick drum line1973 to 1981
Severson, Diana Color Guard1975 to 1981
SNEEN, DANA BRASS1974 to 1981
Stillman, Darlene Colorguard1979 to 1981
Svoma, Andie Winterguard1984 to 1992
Svoma, Kris Kadets/drum line1977 to 1984
Winterguard1985 to 1992
Svoma, Kyle Soprano1974 to 1980
Svoma, Michael Horn Line1978 to 1980
Svoma, Sue Cook and chaperone1975 to 1993
Theiste, Mike Baritone1974 to 1977
Vaillette, Lois Brass1973 to 1974; 1977
Vaillette, Norma Jo soprano bugle1973 to 1975
Vig, Cheryl Colorguard1975 to 1981
Vig, Cindy soprano1975 to 1984
Vig, Shelly ColorGuard/kadets1973 to 1974
Drum Line1975 to 1981
Volkman, Dave Snare1971 to 1975
Ward, Rob colorguard/ rifle1979
Wilder, Tony Drumline1985 to 1989
young, jim brass1975

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