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Member Listing for Bluecoats Canton, OH
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1972 Did you march Bluecoats?
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Member Name Section Years Involved
(Cook) Schnuth, Diana Mellophone1997
Ackerman, Andrew Baritone1992
Aires, Christopher Euphonium1992 to 1995
Aires, Drew Baritone1991 to 1992
amrine, phil mellophone2002 to 2003
Arnold, Anthony Euphonium1997
Barlow, Frank Soprano1993
Beall, Andy Percussion (cymbals)1997
Bell, Mike Bass Drum1994 to 1995
Borgman, Scott Mellophone1993
Boswell, Bill Front Ensemble2004
Brandt, Mike Colorguard2003 to 2004
Burka, Scott Contra2003
Campbell, Roderic Bassline2000 to 2001
Carpathios, Michael soprano bugle1989
Carpenter, Mitzi Color Guard1991
Carpenter, Shawn Visual Staff2000
Carr, Brian Baritone1995
Soprano1996 to 1997
Catley, Cracker or Jon From Texas Baritone1998
Chappell, James Tenors1981
Conigliaro, Joe Snare2000
Crandall, Dawn Contra2000
Davis, Meghan Mellophone2004 to 2005
Day, Scott Tenors1986 to 1988
Devins, Conor Pit2010
Dugan, Ray Snare1988
Dulce, Julius Euph2000
Duncan, Tiffany Colour Guard1992 to 1993
Eckard, Rachel Colorguard1981 to 1982
Fanti, Ken Snare/Color Guard1983 to 1988
Fisk, Travis Mellophone2002
Fortier, James Euphonium2013
Fosdick, Mark Contra2000 to 2003
Foster, Austin Euphonium2008
Gamble, Jackie Colour guard1996
Garay, Chris Snare2007 to 2008
Garretson, Colby Baritone2002
George, Bill Baritone2000
Gill, Kathie Mellophone1975 to 1977
Glaze, Rob Contra1987
Gregorczyk, Drew Mellophone; Horn Sergeant2004 to 2007
Grimm, Salem Euphonium1986 to 1987
Groves, Chris Baritone1995
Haffner, Arnold Bassline2004 to 2005
Hageman, Eric (Cowboy Bob) Soprano1997
Hall, Brandon Euphonium2001 to 2002
Hanrahan, Michael Baritone2008 to 2010
Havard, Allison color guard2002 to 2004
Holmes, Greg Color Guard2003
Holmes, Greg Color Guard2003 to 2005
Hosier, Bart Soprano2002 to 2003
Kraynak, Ian Front Ensemble/Drum Major2001 to 2003
Lasley, Caryn Color Guard2004
Ledezma, Ismael Trumpets2002 to 2005
Visual Staff2006 to 2008
Lewis, Dan Mellophone2001
Lindsey, Holden Baritone2005
Little, Matt Snare1996
Macon, Alan Euphonium2003
McAllister, Christopher Mellophone2004
McConnell, Garry snare1974 to 1977
McPhee, Dave (ANTMAN) Brass Staff1995 to 2004
McPherson, Jay Brass Instructor1989 to 1990
Meenach, Brooke Trumpet2002
Melton, Jeffery Snare 1988
Menter, Keith Soprano1987
Miller, Scott Contra1992
Nelson, Josh Bass Drum1999
Netting, Tom soprano1975
Norin, Tyler Baritone/Euphonium2015 to 2019
Nuhn, Benjamin Trumpet2005
Oleksa, Liz Mellophone2000
Peters (Williams), Sandra ColorGuard and Flagline1973 to 1974; 1977 to 1980
Peterson, Bryan Contra2001
Phillips, John Percussion1982 to 1988
Phillips, John Percussion (Mostly Bass)1982 to 1988
Prentice, David Baritone1998
Rathbun, Travis Baritone2002
Reese, Jennifer (Deloris) Soprano1994
Mello1995 to 1997
roth, sarah Trumpet/ Sop2005
Roth, Sarah Soprano2005
Sarver, Julie Soprano2007 to 2008
Saxe, Matt Baritone2008 to 2010
Shepherd, Ryan Bassline1990 to 1991
Shirey, Christine Color Guard2003 to 2006
Shirley, Chris Baritone2004
Shriver, Eric Snare2004 to 2006
Shumick, Christopher Soprano2000
Mellophone/Assistant Conductor2001
Sines, Allaina Trumpet2005
Smith, Kim cymbals (hopefully)2004
Smith, Matthew Front Ensemble2003 to 2005
SMOOT, AMY Colorguard1999
Snyder, Anna Colorguard1999 to 2002
Spreadbury, Roma Guard1977 to 1978
Stone, Kevin Euphonium 1993
Sutter, Paul Flutters Brass - All sections1978 to 1985
Tanabe, Michelle Snare2005
Tessier, Joshua Baritone2000
Tome, Jessica Percussion/Front Ensemble2001 to 2002
Turbeville, Megan Colorguard2003 to 2004
Vielhaber, David Bass Drum2002 to 2003
Warfield, Bryen Tuba2007 to 2010
Webb, Darren Contra1990 to 1991; 1993
Webb, Marc Baritone1988 to 1991
Wells, Will Contra2000 to 2002
Williams, Ryan Contrabass2000
Williams, Ryan Contrabass2000
Wilson, Kim Colorguard2002 to 2004
Wleczyk, Meghan Bluecoats2006 to 2008
Zielinski, Alex Bass2001

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