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Member Listing for Dutch Boy Kitchener, Ontario
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1969 Did you march Dutch Boy?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Other names: Dutch Boy Cadets
homepage: http://www.dutchboydrumcorps.com
Member Name Section Years Involved
atsushi, kobayashi Baritone1993
Bennett3rd, Gene Drumline/cymbals1990
Billings, Adam Pit1997 to 1998; 2000 to 2002
Billings, Adam Front Ensemble1997
Billings, Adam Front Ensemble1997 to 2004
Drum Major2005 to 2006
Billings, Adam Maskot/Front Ensemble/Drum Major1995 to 2006
Boniface, Jason Tenors1990 to 1991
Coit, Josh Horn Line1999 to 2000
Colour Guard2002
Collins, Patty Horn - Soprano1990 to 1992
Cook, Chris Color Guard2002
Dakin, Stephen Soprano1988 to 1989
Douglas, Mike Brass Instructor1983
Dunnington, Rob baritone1969 to 1971
Contra1972 to 1978
Dupont, Chantale mellophone1992
Eaton, Chris Mellophone1990
garbeck, alexandra mellophone1993
Greschner, Trischa Guard2000
Mello2001; 2004
Visual Staff2007 to 2008
Groves, Chris Euphonium1993
Hamel, Denise Colour Guard1987
Hankerson, Willie snareline1986 to 1988
Hannah, Brian brass staff1992
Heer, Scott Contra1985 to 1988
Henry, Craig(Rambo) Drum Line1988
hollis, annette guard1983 to 1988
Lagendyk, Todd Drumline2008 to 2009
Lair, Frédéric Baritone,Drum Major1988 to 1990
Lair [Clark), Sheila Guard1979 to 1990
Laxson, Patrick Baritone1990
Lidstone, Jason Snare line1980
Lower, Jay Drum Line1997 to 2001
McPhee, Dave (ANTMAN) Baritone1989 to 1990
Mercurio, Donald Snare1988
osborne, david horn line (SOP)1993
Pennica, Derek Cymbal 1986
Cymbal/Bass Drum1987
Bass Drum1989 to 1991
Scanlan, MaySon Horn Line2008
Sevigny ( spike ), Erik tenor line1992
Shane, Larry Brass Staff1992 to 1993
Stanciu, Jessy Colourguard (flag & sabre)1997 to 2004
Stanciu, Jessy Colourguard1998 to 2004
Stumpf, Lianne Colour guard1989 to 2002
Guard Instructor2003
Summers, Rob snare1989
sylge, natasha Gaurd1989 to 1992
Sylge, Natasha Gaurd1989 to 1992
Teutsch, Terri Percussion1985 to 1988
thomas, grant Drum Line1984 to 1987
Thorne, Kathy Horn Line1992 to 1993
Tremblay, Christine Drumline1988
Walker, Danny marching tech2003 to 2004
Wicken, David (ROO) Pit Instructor2001 to 2004
Wingate, Tone' Cymbals1986 to 1987

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