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Member Listing for Glassmen Toledo, OH
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1961 Did you march Glassmen?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Other names: Maumee Suns; Glass City Optimists
homepage: http://www.glassmen.org
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glassmen_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Achille, Anthony Lead Baritone2011
Adams, Deanie Soprano2004
Adler, Christopher Soprano1997
Drum Major1999 to 2001
Alaji, lecia colorguard1983
Alaji, Lecia colorguard1983
Anderson, Shawn Trumpet/ Staff2002 to 2003
Arreola, Daniel Baritone1998 to 2000
Baker, Gina Mellophone2006
Barker, Richard Mellophone2002
Barrick, Chris Pit2005
Beck, Brad Baritone/Euphonium2000 to 2002
Bello, Lee Brass/Baritone1993 to 1996
Bertucci, Ian Contrabass2002 to 2005
Billock, Matt Soprano1997
Bischoff, Nick Baritone2008
Boatright, James Soprano2003 to 2004
Brady, Bob Brass/soprano/mellophone1969 to 1981
Brandes, Todd Percussion (Pit and Snare)1986 to 1987
Brooks, Jeff Snare2003
Byers, Kristen Soprano2006 to 2007
Campbell, Roderic BassLine2002
Carpenter, Shawn Contrabass1997
Chaffin, George Bass 22005 to 2006
Charles, Patrick Pit2000 to 2001
Christian, Joe Baritone2002
Cope, Cherie Color Guard 1981 to 1984
Couture, Julie Contra2000
Crabtree, Daniel Baritone2000
Curyto, Michael Quad Line/ Front Ensemble2003 to 2004
Dabrowski, Matt French Horn/Mellophone1995 to 1998
Danis, Genevieve Baritone2000
Davis, Trevor Guard1999 to 2000
Deenik, Paul Baritone2003
Delain, Eric Contra1995
Dewan, Neil Euphonium2000 to 2004
Dodds, Clayton Soprano2007 to 2009
Eck, Joe Soprano2004
Eige, Jamison Pit - Drum Major1988 to 1991
Espeut, Nicole Guard1997
Estep, Dawn Baritone2003
Falvey, Andy Baritone1992 to 1999
Falvey, Jeremiah Soprano1991 to 1993
FRENCH HORN1994 to 1997
Forin, Tiago Trumpet/Mello2004 to 2005
Friedman, Aaron Bassline2004
Gamin, Kevin Soprano1992 to 1993
Baritone1994 to 1996
Gamin, Kevin Soprano1992 to 1993
Baritone1994 to 1996
Gatwood, Donald Soprano1962 to 1975
Gonzalez, Juan Color Guard2002 to 2003
Gray, GW Bassline1993
Groeniger, Mike Soprano1995
Hendrixson, Paul Euphonium2010
Herron, Jason Euphonium2002 to 2003
Howard, Lance Baritone2004 to 2005
Johnson, Charles C. G. Instructor1965 to 1966
Show Designer1972
Business manager1973 to 1974
M&M Instructor1975
kavanaugh, sean Drumline2002
Leko, Jim Soprano1999
Lilly, James Mellophone1993 to 1994
Lilly, Michael Baritone1993 to 1994
Lindner, Jeff Drum Line/Bass & Tenor1968 to 1971
Lowe, JJ Baritone/Euphonium1999 to 2001
manning, david soprano1992 to 1993
Markham, Scott Colorguard2000
McGlothlin, Michael Mellophone1999
McGlothlin, Michael Mellophone1999
McGreevy, Mike Baritone2005
McMahon, Carrie Mellophone1992 to 1993
French Horn1994 to 1995
McMillan, Aaron Soprano1999
Melton, Jeffery multi tenors1986 to 1987
Miller, Greg Bass Drum1998
Miller, Greg bass drum1998
Miller, Krista Soprano2003 to 2004
Mills, Jennie Brass Staff2003 to 2004
Minnich, Amanda colorguard2004
Mohr, Linda french horn1984
Moody, Tristan Front Ensemble2004
Moomey, James French1968 to 1970
3rd/2nd Soprano1971
1st Soprano1972
1st Baritone1973 to 1975
Ollier, Dan contras1987 to 1989
Ortleib, Chris Bariton1998 to 1999
Panek, Matt Baritone1993 to 1995
Patenaude, Rich (Dick) Soprano2004
Peterson, Garth Euphonium2003
powell, will Contra2001 to 2004
Powell, William Contra2001 to 2002
Pyles, Ben Quad Line2003 to 2005
Quiney, Quenton Percussion2001
Rabbitt, Emilie Colorguard2003
Redman, Michael percussion1990
Reed, Michael Contrabass2000
Regan, Mike Contra1993 to 1994
Regan, Mike Contra1993 to 1994
Reip, Daniel Soprano2004 to 2005
Reiske, Kristen Brass - Soprano2008
Reyes, Luis Contra2004
Rohn, Chris Baritone1995 to 1997
Ryan, Gary Tenor Line1984
Schleicher, Jim Pit1998 to 2001
Simpson, Roger Contra2002 to 2003
Slovak, Brandon Mellophone1999
Smith, AJ Front Ensemble2003 to 2004
Smith, Jeff Bass line &Percussion staff1964 to 1972
Snyder, Jeremy Soprano1998; 2000
Sodders, Bo Sopranos2002 to 2004
Drum Major2005 to 2006
Sparks, Joe Brass1998
Stanciu, Jessy Colourguard - sabre2005
Stone, Aaron Contra/Baritone1999 to 2000
swartz, john (sarnia sam) drum staff1984
Szostek, Dawn rifle line1974 to 1976
Travers, Antonio Baritone1998
Tunison, Scott Lead Baritone2002
van Doorn, Erik Baritone2007 to 2008
Van Hoose, Cayla Color Guard2001 to 2006
Verdream, Tony Baritone2000 to 2001
Watson, Aaron Lead Sop2001
Wilburn, Joey Baritone2002
Williams, Austin Pit-Timpani2002 to 2003
Willoughby, Liz Cymbals2003
Zajac, Julie Mellophone2008 to 2009
Zajac, Tim Baritone2005 to 2006

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