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Member Listing for Colts Dubuque, Iowa
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1963 Did you march Colts?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Other names: Colt .45, Dubuque Junior Dukes, Legionnaires
homepage: http://www.colts.org
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colts_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
(Lawson) Killey, Amy Soprano2000 to 2002
Albrecht, Bill Baritone2002 to 2004
Ames, Ernest baritone1991
Anderson, David Baritone2000
Anderson, Jocelyn colorguard2002 to 2005
Ansley, Jake Cymbal Line2001 to 2004
Armstrong, Craig Visual Tech2000 to 2001
Drill Designer2004
Ary, Mike Contrabass1998 to 1999
Asplund, Greg Baritone2002 to 2004
Beatty, Steve Baritone2002 to 2004
Billock, Matt Baritone2001
Bonfig, Mike Soprano1990
Breidigam, Nicholas Cymbals2009 to 2010
Burgess, Dallas Baritone1996
Burgess, Dallas Brass1996
Champagne, Nic Contra2000 to 2001
Co-Drum Major2002
Marching Tech2004
Chien, Chi-Fan Soprano2004
Cole, Brian Soprano1998
Coleman, Michael Front Ensemble2000 to 2002
Crocker, Greg Bus Driver2000
De Nunzio, Ryan Cymbal Line1995
Front Ensemble/Pit1996
Dearing, Jon Soprano1983 to 1988
Estep, Dawn Contra2002
Ewing, Janelle Baritone1997 to 1999
Fisher, Luis Contrabass1992 to 1994
Fitzsimmons, Dan Mellophone1991 to 1994
Freelend, Mike Mellophone2006
Garringer, Alec Tuba2013
Gervais, Ben Cymbals2002 to 2004
Guns, Pam Guard1967 to 1971
Hearn, Patrick Mellophone2000
Holtz, Erin Mellophone (Auditioning)2006
Hoskins, Ben Front Ensemble2004 to 2007
Hudson, Aaron Contra2005 to 2007
James, Melissa Soprano2003
Jensen, Anna Euphonium1987
Johnson, Jim Baritone1989 to 1990
Staff1991 to 1992
Keech, Darrell Staff1998
Killham, Adam Baritone2003
Klawitter, Mike Percussion-Pit1984 to 1985
Larson, Alex Soprano2004
Lawrence, Courtney soprano2003
Lawson, Scott Baritone1996 to 2000
Ledezma, Ismael Visual Staff2009 to 2011
Lee, David Contra2009
Leeson, Chris Mellophone2004
Leitzke, Mike Percussion Staff2010
Lineberry, Kent tenor line1996 to 1999
Low- Underwood, Amanda Front Ensemble1998
Magrini, Vince Contra/Baritone1982 to 1983
Magrini, Vincent Brass1982 to 1983
Majors, Aaron Soprano2002 to 2003
McKenna, Michael Tenors2002
McKeown, Phillip Bass Line1998
McLuhan, Graham Trumpet/Soprano2004
Middleton, Paul Contra1985 to 1986
Mielke, Dave Baritone1983
Miller, Jr., J. J. Tenors1979 to 1986
Mills, Ryan Soprano2004
Morley, David Soprano2001 to 2002
Neimeyer, Daniel Drumset (leisure line)1986
Nelson, Kayla Baritone2001 to 2004
Nelson, Tony Pit2003
Color Guard2004
Osborne, Allen Percussion (Snare)1993 to 1994
Parkinson, Brian Contrabass1993
Pietscher, Elsa Baritone2002
Pressley, David driver1993 to 1999
Rabbitt, Emilie Colorguard2004
Reder, Rob Front Ensemble2003
Reed, Michael Brass Staff2001
Riebesehl, Dale contra1983
Rogers, Brandon Mellophone2004 to 2005
Ross, Dilan Back Field Conductor2003
Saunders, Von Contra2004
Schreiber, Keriann soprano1999
Schultz, Timothy Soprano2003
Baritone2004 to 2005; 2007
Schwarz, Dana Colorguard2004 to 2005
Smith, Joe Mellophone2003 to 2004
Smith, Samantha Mellophone2005
Splitter, LeAnn Soprano2001 to 2002
Visual Staff2003 to 2006
Stegall, Floyd Management1991 to 1996
Swift, Grant Contra2004 to 2006
Symoniak, Kyle Contrabass2002
Viviano, Joseph Front Ensemble2004 to 2005
Wear, Ryan Tenors2000; 2002
Wolff, Erin Colorguard2002
Wong, Nick Baritone2006 to 2007
zimmermann, judy brass1968 to 1972

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