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Member Listing for Boston Crusaders Boston, MA
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1940 Did you march Boston Crusaders?
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Other names: Most Precious Blood Crusaders, Hyde Park Crusaders, and Boston
homepage: http://www.crusaders.com
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Crusaders_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Agwu, Christopher Soprano2003
Allen, David Baritone1986 to 1989
Armstrong, Craig Visual Tech2002
Aschenbeck, Kurt contra2001 to 2002
Barrasso, Rick Soprano Horn1965 to 1967
Bauer, Matthew Front Ensemble2006 to 2007
Bell, Colin Percussion/Snare Line2001 to 2003
Benz, Mike Soprano, DM2000 to 2003
Bordonaro, Mike soprano1965 to 1966
bray jr, jim horn section1979 to 1980
Bretl, Mark Brass - Soprano1998
Broadbent, Dan Baritone2002
Buckley, Gordon Percussion1955 to 1958
Burris, Jason Snare2005 to 2009
Charles, Brittany Baritone2004 to 2008
Clark, Mike Bassline2000 to 2001
Clermont, Dan Trumpet2006
Cochran, Courtlon soprano (trumpet)1999 to 2002
Conant, Leah Baritone1989
Cooper, George Contra1975 to 1978
Cox, Kristian contra2006
Curley, David soprano1996
Dam, Patrick Percussion Snare2005 to 2007
Damon, Steve Baritone1991
darcy, robert dl1970 to 1972
del Rivero, Tony Bassline2002
Diaz, John-David contra2004 to 2005
Diego, Jonathon Baritone1998 to 2000; 2002
Diego, Jonathon Baritones1998 to 2000; 2002 to 2003
Dubil, Mike Soprano1981 to 1982
Duca, Steve BAC Soprano/soloist1959 to 1965
Dugan, Ray Snare1987
Evans, Jonathan Percussion1982; 1984
Faison, Matt Pit2005
Fallon, Ray Brass Instructor/ Arranger1992 to 1996
Fallon, Tammy Color Guard1992 to 2002
Fischer, Brian Baritone2002 to 2005
Fitzsimmons, F. Roy Color Guard1955
Gallagher, Tim Admin Team2012 to 2013
Gerke, Andrew Horn Line 2005
Gerlach, Dusty Baritone1978
Glimenakis, Nick Tenors2008
Glosson, Justin Contrabass2002
Godin, Jason Percussion1989 to 1990; 1994 to 1996; 2000
Gorecki, Thomas Soprano2006 to 2007
Gramazio, John Colorguard1999
Grassie, Nicole pit/Bass Line2002 to 2003
Graves, Mark Trumpet2007
Greer, Dan Drumline1987 to 1990
Grelle, Frank Instructor1995
Grondin, Kristen Baritone1999
Grondin, Kristen Baritone1999
Guzewicz, Paul Baritone2003
Healion, Carol Guard1987 to 1991
Hernandez, Gregorio Baritone2001
Hill, Bob Tympani - Part Year1973
Hogan, Lorna Drumline1983 to 1986
Holodnak, Christy Color Guard2002
Hopfgarten, Paul Contra Bass, Baritone1976 to 1978
Hulbert, Jamie Front Ensemble2000 to 2003
Jalm, Carl Mellophone2008
Jennings, Dick Drum Line1958 to 1960
Jezierski, Daryl Cymbals1997
Jimenez, Matt Trumpet2004
Kelly, Dan Horn line/DM1963 to 1966
Kennedy, Robert Baritone1973 to 1980
Kennedy, Robert Soprano1973
Baritone1974 to 1980
Kohl, Adam Contrabass2002
Lafond, David Soprano, Flugel Horn1987 to 1990
Lapie, Alex contra1975
Lapie, Alex Contrabass1975
Lazaro, James Euphonium/Contra1999 to 2003
Leahy, Jim French Horn Line1967 to 1970
Lennox, Christopher Bass Tech2010 to 2013
leverette, jeff Soprano2009
MacDonald, Steve C.B.S.1989 to 1991
MacFadden, Oliver Soprano2001
madden, maureen soprano1995 to 2001
Marion, Brandon Front Ensemble1999 to 2006
Markel, Amanda Baritone2001 to 2002
Marquis, Stephane Baritone1989
Martinez, Adrian Contrabass2002 to 2003
matson-brown, cheryl colorguard1969 to 1972
Miller, Michael Trumpet2006
Drum Major2007 to 2008
Miller, Michael Trumpet2006
Drum Major2007 to 2008
Mitchell, David Percussion1987 to 1989
mitchell, kimberly mellophone1999 to 2000
Morris, Jack Soprano/Baritone1963 to 1966
Mroz, Jeff Baritone2000
Contra2001 to 2003
Muter, Bill Contrabass2001 to 2005
Nokutis, Jenny Mellophone2005
O'Leary, Ryan Soprano2002
O'Leary, Ryan Soprano2002 to 2007
Pereda, Tiffany colorguard2003 to 2005
Perez, Carlos Color Guard2000
Proulx, Maxime Bass line2005
Reed, Mike Drumline1996 to 1998
Reppert, Shannon Guard1998
Reyes, Tony Baritone2003 to 2005
Reynolds, David Hornline, Drum Major1989 to 1995
rojas, jeffrey contra2002
Romo, Angela color guard2004; 2006 to 2007
Sargent, Richard Contra2005 to 2008
Serrano, Thomas Baritone1999
Sharpe, John visual staff2006
Shumate, Rebecca brass (baritone)1998
Sierra, Jason SnareLine2000 to 2003
Slauson, Ryann Front Ensemble2004 to 2005
Speeler, Christine Mellophone1999 to 2000
Stevenson, Rob Drumline-Snare1999 to 2000
sullivan, john Bari1962 to 1968
Tibbitts, Virginia Baritone2001
Torres, Josh tuba2007
Tremblay, David Front Ensemble / Pit1988
W, R staff1998
Weissert, Fred Baritone1985
Wheeler, Kenny Brass1964 to 1969
Wheeler, Kenny Soprano1964 to 1969
White, Tony Brass1969
Williams, Justine auditioning on mello2006
Williams, Phil Percussion1992 to 1994
Winchester, Edward Baritone1973 to 1974
Witherell, Jeremy Baritone1996 to 1997
Contrabass1998 to 1999
Drum Major2000 to 2001
Brass Staff2002 to 2005
Woodfin, Aaron Drumline2003
Zearfoss, Patrick Bass Drum2003

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