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Member Listing for Magic of Orlando Orlando, FL
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1989 Did you march Magic of Orlando?
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Other names: The Magic; Micro Magic
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magic_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
!!!", "Spanky Contrabass1997
Alcantar, Alex Quads2005
Alia, Stephen Soprano1992
Andujar, Colleen Colorguard2006
Aust, Catherine color guard2005 to 2006
Benyola, Jared Contra2006 to 2007
Best, Benton Trumpet2004
Cano, Jesse Baritone2004
Castricone, Daniel Contra2002 to 2003
Chowning, Matt Mellophone2002 to 2003
Clark, Mike Bassline1998 to 2000
Cook, Brian Brass Staff1990
Davis, Kyle Quad Line2003
Dawson, James Soprano1995
del Rivero, Tony Staff2004
DeMaso, Brian Euph2004
Devitt, Kevin Baritone2003
Diedrich, Douglas cymbals2006
Diehl, Jason "JD" Mellophone1995 to 1998
Dudley, Erik Cymbal Line1998 to 1999
Ferland, Kyle Baritone2002 to 2004
Filler, Jessika Baritone2004
Foell, Chuck Soprano1990
Fox, Eric front ensemble2003
Fullilove, Gerrod Contra1995
gary, justin aka red beard Baritone2004
Guest, Michelle Mellophone2005
Hall, Shelly Baritone1999
Hernandez, Gregorio Baritone2002
Hine, Nate Baritone2002
Hodges, Tommy Baritone2002
Janitor, Frank Soprano Bugle1994
Baritone Bugle1996
Jerabek, Keegan Trumpet2004
Keech, Darrell Staff1997
Klotz, Cathy ColorGuard1997; 1999; 2001
Knight, Teal Snare2006
Kuzma, GM Administrative Staff2000 to 2001
Ledford, Liza Pit2004 to 2005
Lindsey, Chase Baritone2001 to 2002
Lopez, Alicia Colorguard2002
Malawskey, Shawna Guard2004 to 2005
Marks, Chris Mellophone2003
Marsden, Randy Mellophones2005
McClure, Joe baritone1997
Meadows, Sarah Front Ensemble1997
Mendel, Matt Snareline2002
Montalvo, Stephen Front Ensemble2003
Murtha, Maureen Mellophone2006
Namislo, Christopher Baritone2004
Newman, James DIRECTOR2004 to 2005
Nunes, Jason Contra Bass2003
Odum, Erin Guard2002 to 2003
Peacock, Nicole Guard2004 to 2005
Pennica, Derek Bus Driver2004
Ramos, Pedro Sop/Trumpet2004 to 2005
Rice, Micah Guard2002
Riegle, Nicole Sop/Trumpet2003 to 2004
Saul, Ryan Snare1998
Schirripa, Jason Tenor line2005
Schlesinger, 11 Color Guard1995 to 1996
Schlossman, Nick baritone2004
Serkin, Jeremy Mellophone1997 to 1998
Sigona, John Tuba2002
Sirmeyer, Ryan Trumpet2004
Smith, Lee Baritone1995; 1997
Smith, Michaela pit2003
Spielman, Matthew Baritone2004
Stepson, Steven mellophone1994
Stoker, Tony Color Guard1992
Stone, Aaron Contra/Baritone1995 to 1998
Thober, Tim Contra2006
Tibbitts, Virginia Baritone1999 to 2000; 2002
Underwood, Damon Baritone1991
Velazquez, David Contra2006
Villarreal, Ram drumline(quads)2002
von Behren, David cymbal line2006
Wekarski, Adam Baritone2002
wheeler/baker, jessica/cameron Brass2002
Wichowski (-Hill), Lisa Mary brass1990
Williams, Tom Brass/Contra1999 to 2000
Willis, Jeffrey percussion1994 to 1999

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