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Member Listing for 27th Lancers Revere, Massachussetts
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1967 Did you march 27th Lancers?
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homepage: http://www.27thLancers.net
Member Name Section Years Involved
Alexander, Stephanie mellophone1984 to 1986
Bateman, Freddie Cymbals1983
Baritone1984 to 1985
Benson, Craig Snare1978
Boden, Kenneth Soprano1983
Boland, Dave Contra Base1976
Bridges, Gary percussion1979 to 1980
Burgess, Cathie color guard1984 to 1985
Butcher, Markus Baritone1985 to 1986
Caissie, Brian Lead Sop1978 to 1979
Instructor1980 to 1981
Lead Soprano1994 to 1995
Campbell, Chris Snare1983
Carnes, Bill Tenors (Quads)1983 to 1986
Chisholm, Kenneth Admin. Staff1968 to 1972
Christofferson, Jeri Colorguard1983
Cohan, Rick Brass1986
Colon, Brian Baritone1986
Dolan, Tim Euphonium1979
Dorgan, Steve Baritone1970 to 1971
Brass Staff1972 to 1973
Ellenbacher, Michael Euphonium1981
Foradori, Rosanne Soprano1979
Gall, Stephen Guard/Rifle1986
Glaze, Rob Contra1986
Gonya, Douglas Hornline, Soprano1985 to 1986
Hamilton, David Contra1986
Harris, Kevin Rudimental Bass1974 to 1977
Jacques, Eddie Drumline/ Chimes1975 to 1976
Jacques, Eddie Percussion1975 to 1976
johnson, greg(bobby) percussion1969 to 1972
kamm, michael Lead Baritone 1978
Kamm, michael baritone1978
Keck, David Lead sop1986
Kernen, Kevin Mellophone1978 to 1982
Keys, Corkie Color Guard Instructor1985
Knisely, Deb contra1985
Langlois, Lynne Mallet Line1980 to 1982
Leopold, Steve Mellophone1983
Louden, Roger Contra1978
Loving, Glenn Contra Bass1983
Loving, Glenn Contra Bass1983
Maigar, Roxanne Colorguard1982 to 1983
Massey, Doug Drum section1971 to 1972
Massey, Doug Drumline1971 to 1972
Matchen, Irving French Horn1976
McBurney, David Contra1979
McGookey, Brian Lead Soprano1979
McGovern, Tom Lead Soprano1978 to 1979
McMillan, Mic soprano1985 to 1986
Mullan, Michael Contrs Bass1969 to 1971
O'Keefe, Paul Alto Soprano1980 to 1981
Ollier, Dan contras1985 to 1986
Owens, Brett Euph.1984
Parker, Tyrone timpani1976
snare1978 to 1982
Parker, Tyrone timpani1976
snare1978 to 1982
Perry, Chris Percussion1978 to 1982; 1994
Pierce, Bobby Contra Bass1974 to 1976
Pope, Wendy soprano1986
Pope, Wendy Soprano 11986
ruprecht, john Space Line1980 to 1981
Shanley, Kevin Drum Line (Snare)1973
Soares, Tony Hornline1986
Sullivan, Bill Contrabass1969 to 1972
Taylor (Griffin), Janice Color Guard1984 to 1995
Wetherill, Peter Baritone1979 to 1980
Williams, Dale French Horn1993 to 1994
Winchester, Edward Baritone1973

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