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Member Listing for The Brigadiers Syracuse, NY
Inactive Senior Corps founded in 1947 Did you march The Brigadiers?
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Other names: PLAV Post #14, AL Post #1677, Syracuse Brigadiers
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Ainsworth, Shane Euphonium2005
Anno, Jim Soprano1968
Bauer, Matthew Bass Line2003
Bauer, Matthew Bassline2003 to 2005
Beaulieu, Patrick Soprano1999
Benz, Ryan Benz Soprano/Drum Major1998 to 2002
Bertrand, Derrick Mellophone2003
Bill, Christopher Baritone2008
Bough, Roland Drum Major2001
Contra Bass2003
Burch, Colleen Honor Guard2003 to 2004
Burnell, James Baritone2002
Campagnola, Carl Lead Soprano1992 to 1998
Caraccilo, Chris Guard Caption Head1997 to 2003
Carpenter, Shawn Contrabass2001 to 2004
Cooley, Stephen Brass Arranger/Instructor1991 to 1993
Cullen, Paul Soprano2001 to 2004
Comittee Member2005
Brass Instructor2006 to 2009
D'EREDITA, MICHELE Guard1991 to 1993
Dailey, Gary Soprano bugle-solo1967 to 1969
Drouin, Alex soprano1998 to 2004
Fine, Dale Baritone2003
Fine, Mar-Jean Baritone2003
Fleck, David French Horn1967 to 1968
Mellophone1969; 1973; 1991 to 1992; 1994 to 2002
Gamble, Jackie Colour guard2000 to 2001
GRANT, ROY soprano1953 to 1972
Hamilton, David Contra1998
Contra, Brass Instructor1999
Brass Caption Head2000
Healion, Carol guard2000
Heer, Scott Baritone2000 to 2002
Hernandez, Gregorio Baritone1997 to 2000
Hingray, Christine Contra1999 to 2005
Johnson, Carlos Front Ensemble (Pit)2004
Jones, Geoff Baritone1999 to 2001; 2003
Keck, David Lead sop1991 to 2002
Kent, David Soprano2002
lalonde, anne brass1992 to 1993
Lass, Mary Soprano2000
Lass, Mary Soprano2000; 2002 to 2005
LaValle, Brian Snare line2003 to 2005
Lévis, André Soprano1998 to 2003
Lévis, André Soprano1998 to 2003; 2005; 2007
Mackiewicz, Dawn Marie Baritone2000
Meyer, Jr., John Mellophone1999 to 2000; 2003 to 2004
Brass Instructor2005 to 2006; 2009
Miller, Michael Mellophone2001 to 2005
Miller, Michael Mellophone2001 to 2005
Min, April Mellophone2002 to 2003
mitchell, joe PIT2003
Mitchell, Jonas Baritone2000; 2002 to 2004
Nauck, Nikki mellophone2002
Asst Drum Major2003
O'Shea, Trish Color Guard2001 to 2003
Orser, Chad Contra Line2003
owen, ivan colrguard1994 to 1996
Peashey, Tom Brass1966 to 1971
Predmore, Mike Contra2002 to 2003
Prentice, David Baritone1997
Presley, Nick Baritone2004
Contra2005 to 2006
Proulx, Maxime Bass line2004
Reese, Eddie Drumline1973
Rose, Jason Contrabass2002
Savage, Vickie Colorguard1995 to 1998
Scarchilli, Joseph Mellophone1973
Sevigny ( spike ), Erik tenorline 2000 to 2002
Sigona, John Contra2000 to 2003
Smardon, Steve baritone1991 to 1992
brass staff2007 to 2009
Stansfield, Scott soprano2001 to 2002
Steiner, Fred Lead Baritone2001
Stinson, Connie Rifle line1991
Suckar, Rob Baritone/Honor Guard2003
Surace, Santo Soprano1973
Tobin, Andrea Color Guard1997
Vassar, Richard Guard/drum line1962 to 1971; 1991 to 2006
Vaughn, Steve Baritone2008 to 2009
Vivenzio, Jim Lead Soprano1991 to 1992
Wildrick, Erin Guard2000 to 2001
Wildrick, Melody guard1993 to 2003
Wiseman, Alan Bari/Euph1999 to 2002
Wnuk, John drumline1967 to 1973
Zoni, Stephen Baritone1966 to 1968
Zoss, Angela Brass (Mellophone)2006 to 2008

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