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Member Listing for Southwind Mobile, AL
Active Junior Corps (Open Class) founded in 1980 Did you march Southwind?
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Other names: Formerly from Montgomery, AL and Lexington, KY
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Abdon, Brandon Visual/Administrative Staff2004
Adkisson, David Percussion1993 to 1995
Ainsworth, Heather Mellophone2001
Ainsworth, Shane Soprano1996
Ainsworth, Shane Soprano1996
Arnold, Mackenzie mellophone1999 to 2000
Barrentine, Jacob Baritone2016
Barrow, Dean Contra1982
Basso, Jeremy Baritone2000 to 2001
Beasley-Paris, Laura charter member-color guard-captain1980 to 1981
Bedingfield, Lindsey Baritone2005 to 2008
Benson, Danny Soprano2001 to 2002
Bertram, Daniel Color Guard2005
bielat, marjorie front line/drum major1999 to 2002
Blezinger, Drew Front Ensemble2004 to 2005
Brandenburg, Taylor Contrabass2005
Brewer, Johnny Mellophone1992
Brock, David Baritone2007
Brough, Alex Euphonium2003 to 2005
Bruegger, Robb Cymbals2004 to 2005
Byrne, Brendan mellophone2002
Campos, Chris Brass/ContraBass1994 to 1995
Campos, Paco Contra1994 to 1995
Carter, Erica Sop1996
Carter, Scott Baritone1993 to 2003
Carter, Steve Percussion Staff/Marimba1981 to 1983
castle, angie colorguard2004 to 2005
Cates, Tracy Mellophone2001
Chaffin, George Bass 32004
Chaffin, George Bass 32004
Christopher, Emily Soprano2002 to 2003
Christopher, Emily Soprano2002 to 2003
Claytor, Hiram baritone1991 to 1992
Collier, Christy Mellophone2000 to 2005
Cook, Megan Color Guard2003 to 2005
Cowell, Brian Soprano-line2000 to 2004
Cramlet, Nikki Soprano2003
Davis, Adam Baritone1994 to 1996
Davis, Jason Soprano1991 to 1992
DeFerraro, John Front Ensemble2004
Dittrich, Andy Snare2004
Dixon, Edward Contra2004
Doyle, Colleen mellophone2000
Duke, Catherine Cymbals2002
Duke, Catherine Cymbals2002
Durbin, Lee Contra2006
Elrod, Brian French Horn1981 to 1983
Faison, Tyler Baritone2002
Fischer, Brian Baritone2001
Flannigan, Neil front ensemble2004 to 2006
Fulkerson, Jordan Soprano2005
Gagaza, J.P. Tenors2007
Gardner, Jessica colorguard1999 to 2000
Geis, Kevin Snare2005
Ghantous, Daniel Cymbals2005 to 2006
Gipson, Derek soprano1992 to 1993
Glueck, Zach Baritone2002 to 2003
Goldberg, Jeremy Soprano2000 to 2001
Goltz, Derek Front Ensemble2004 to 2007
Gross, Brandon Baritone2004
Gross, Brandon Baritone2004; 2006
Hanzelka, Mike Euphonium2003 to 2004
Harmsen, Bryan Battery - Tenors2001
Harmsen, Bryan Tenors2001 to 2002
Hawley, Brooke Mellophone1999 to 2000
Hayes, Anastasia Soprano1991
Hendry, Adam Contrabass2002 to 2003
Henshaw, Jen Guard/Flag2002
Hernandez, Tony Soprano1999
Hobson, Bryan Guard1982
Holderby, Daniel Cook Crew2005
Holderby, Danny Support2005
Huff, Ken Contra1980 to 1982
hutcherson, jamie contra bass1981
Hyatt, Anna pit percussion1999
Jenkins, Amanda Soprano2005 to 2006
Jones, Keegan Soprano2004 to 2005
Jones, Matt Euphonium2004
Kessel, Jennifer colorguard2002
King, Jamie Soprano1992 to 1994
Korra, Lisa Colorguard2000 to 2002
Korra, Lisa Colorguard2000 to 2002
Kuy, Vania Soprano1994 to 1997
Laffoon, Ray pit-marimba2000 to 2001
Lavelle, John Contra2000
Lilliefors, Erin Contra2004 to 2007
Little, Matt Snare1994 to 1995
Longfield, Heather Colorguard2002 to 2004
MacNaughton, Cathy Front ensemble1990 to 1992; 1994
McCawley, Lauren front ensemble2001
front ensemble2003
drum major2004
Mickley, James Trumpet2007
Miller, Joey Contra2002 to 2003
Mills, Jennie Mellophone1995 to 2001
Brass Staff2002
Mills, Robbie Bass Drums2013 to 2014
Moody, Tristan Frontline2002 to 2003
Mooney, Christopher Mellophone1996 to 1997
Moore, Keith Contra1993
Moorman, Jeff Brass1999 to 2001
Nelson, Bethany Support Staff1999 to 2000
Norrgard, Zoe Colorguard2002 to 2003
O'Brien, Trevor Mellophone2006
O'Shields, Elizabeth Baritone2000 to 2001
Owen, Allison Asst. Conductor2005
Owen, Blake Quads1983
Palumbo, Katie colorguard2003 to 2005
Parker, Ben Contra2007
Parsons, Susan Mellophone1999 to 2001
Patrick, Charlie Soprano1999 to 2000
Payne, Brian Contra1989 to 1990
Peel, Bernie Driver1998 to 2000
Radford, Nick Sop/Trumpet2005 to 2010
Randall, Julie Colorguard2001; 2004
Rayburn, Rachel Colorguard2004
Reed, Kevin Soprano1999
Reichardt, Matt Soprano/Mellophone2002 to 2003
Reitenbach, Neil Snareline2004
Restivo, Maggie Colorgaurd2004 to 2006
Robinson, Ben Mellophone2004
Romo, Angela Colorguard2004
Romo, Angela color guard2003
Romo, Jelly Colorguard2003
Ryles, G. Ron Drum Major/Baritone1992; 1994
Ryles, Ron Baritone1992
Drum Major1994
Sanchez, Damion Instructor-Bass Line2000
Saputo, Joseph Mellophone2006
Saputo, Joseph Mellophone2006
Schwartz, Andy Baritone1999 to 2001
Seidling, patrick director1998 to 2000
Sersion, Andrew Euphonium2005
Shernoff, Alex Sop and Mello2002 to 2003
Simpson, Steven Euphonium2004 to 2005
South, Christopher Baritone1994
Stephenson, Alison Mellophone2002 to 2003
Tour Manager2004 to 2005
Stewart, Josh soprano2002
Stoeckel, Andy Frontline2004 to 2005
Stringfield, Jason Baritone2004 to 2006
Terry, Michael Founder/Director, Admin/Support1980 to 1997
Terry, Michael D Founder/Executive Director1980 to 1981
Support1982 to 1997
Terry, Michael P. Volunteer1991 to 1997
Terry, Patty Volunteer1983 to 1997
Tharp, Mike Euphonium1999 to 2002
Tharp, Mike Baritone/Euphonium1999 to 2003
vaughn, eric battery1993 to 1996
Vaughn, Susan Colorguard1996
Verburg, Matt Snare1999 to 2003
Weber, Kurt Baritone2004
Wheeler, Eric mellophone2003 to 2006
White, Mike Frontline2005 to 2006
Williams, Austin Front Ensemble-Timpani2001
Williamson, Brad Baritone1999
Wood, Steve Low Brass Tech2005
Wright, Rachel Mellophone2001
Zeiss, Tim Contra2004
Zimmerman, Diana mellophone2004

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