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Member Listing for Royales Eatontown, NJ
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1967 Did you march Royales?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Member Name Section Years Involved
Berardesco, Sandelo drum line1974 to 1977
Dougherty, Karen Sopranos1968 to 1976
Douglas, Brantley Contra Bass/Drum Major1975 to 1980
Egan, Jackie Solor Soprano & Rifle Capt.1968 to 1972
Fritsche, Carl Baritone1969 to 1972
Asst. Horn Inst.1978 to 1980
Giunco, Christopher Baritone1978 to 1979
James, Monte bass drum71/tymp 72line1971 to 1972
Johns, Brian Baritone1980 to 1981
Katz, Josh Soprano1981
Levine, Perry mellophone1976
Mullin, Jim Soprano1971 to 1972
Priolo, Mary Soprano1968 to 1969
Smith, Ken Drumline1979 to 1981

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