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Member Listing for Pioneer Milwaukee, WI
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1973 Did you march Pioneer?
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Other names: merger of Imperials of St. Patricks and Thunderbolts, The Thing
homepage: http://www.pioneer-corps.org
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Ainsworth, Shane Soprano/Staff1998 to 2001
Ainsworth, Shane Soprano1998
Visual Staff2000 to 2001
Amigoni, Devin Euphonium2002 to 2003
Bailey, George Trumpet2014
Beadles, Damon Contra1996 to 1997
Benline, Tyler Contra1998
Billock, Matt Soprano1994 to 1995
Bretl, Mark Brass - Soprano1999
Briddell, Matthew Bari/Euph2001
Brosky, Elizabeth pit2002
Burton, Benjie Drumline1996
Cymbal Tech/Ast Director1998 to 2001
Burton, Terry visual staff2002
Dahlkamp, Brian cymbals2005
de Werk, Peter Jan Mellophone1995 to 1997
Visual Tech1998
Diessner, Lisa guard1994
Diver, John Soprano & Mellophone2000 to 2001
Duzan, Seth Baritone1998
Elliott, Brandon Soprano2002
Eshbach, Stephanie mellophone2001
Gerber, Greg euph1998 to 2002
Glasscock, Andrew Mellophone2004
Gonzalez, David Contra1999
Gonzalez, David Contra1999
Grimm, Jessica Baritone2003
Gruszczynski, Paula soprano 77 mellophone 78-811977 to 1981
Hassell, Autumn Mellophone2002
Herod, Scott Soprano1996 to 1997
Herron (Big Mack), Jason Euphonium2001
Hofmann, Patrick Soprano1993 to 1994
Hyatt, Anna pit percussion1995 to 1998
Kelley, Justin baritone2005
Kelly, John Mellophone1999 to 2000
Klawitter, Mike Percussion Instructor1990 to 1992
Knize, Nick Bass 1 Section Leader1998 to 2000
Koceja, Bruce Soprano1972 to 1974
Koegler, Scott Baritone1988 to 1990
Kogan, Lea Pit1994 to 1996
Kopplin, Lanah Baritone2001
Leary, Daniel Brass (bari)1998
Lindsey, Bobby Soprano "82"-"85" * Staff "89"-"93"1982 to 1985; 1989 to 1993; 2003
McDaniel, Heather Colorguard1998 to 2001
McMillan, Aaron Soprano1997
Nelson, Bethany mellophone1998, soporano19991998 to 1999
Normandin (T.K.), Keith Horn Line1980
O'Connor, Molly Colorguard1997; 1999 to 2002
Osterhout, Austin Snare2001 to 2002
Osterhout, Kendra Colorguard2001 to 2002
Padawan, Joe Soprano1995 to 1997
Padilla, Israel Sopranos2001
Pagliaro, Todd contra1983 to 1984
Peterson, Garth Baritone2001
Rafalowski, Stephen Baritone2008
Rafalowski, Stephen Baritone/Tuba2008 to 2013
Rasgaitis, Kelley color guard sabre line1998 to 1999
Reed, Kevin Soprano1998
Richards, Will Drum Major2001
Ritacco, Dan soprano1982 to 1984
sapp, daunte Baritone2002
Saunders, Von Baritone2000
Seidling, patrick tympani1982
percussion caption head1991 to 1995
Sevcik, Mike Euphonium2001 to 2003
Shannon, Derrick Drumline (Bass)2005
Shannon, Derrick Bass2005 to 2006
Snow III, Bal Soprano1997 to 2001
Sperling, Geoffrey Soprano2004
stawick, andrew tenors2003 to 2004
Stone, Brandis Color Guard2004
Street, Adam N. Baritone2001
Strieff, Walter Visual Staff1995 to 1996
Torres, Josh soprano2006
Torres, Josh sop2006
Torres, Josh Sop2006
Turner, Byron Contra2005
VanCaster, Scott Soprano1983
von Behren, David Mellophone 2002- Soprano 2003- Mellophone 2002002 to 2004
Walton, Lee Lead Soprano/Trumpet2007 to 2009
Wesson, Dan Cymbals2008
White, Conrad soprano2000 to 2001
Wick, Kevin Soprano2000
Williams, Stann Drumset2014
Wilson, Brian Mellophone2005 to 2007
Drum Major2008 to 2009
Wilson, Melanie front ensemble2001
Zerhusen, Mike Baritone/Euphonium1994 to 1998

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