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Member Listing for Capital Regiment Columbus, OH
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1999 Did you march Capital Regiment?
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homepage: http://www.capitalregiment.org
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_Regiment_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Anderson, Stephen Baritone2001 to 2003
Bemus, Mara drum major1999 to 2001
Bemus, Tony Bass1999
Black, Stephanie Colorguard2005
Briddell, Matthew Bari/Euph2002
Buening, Elizabeth Pit2006
Burton, Terry visual 2001
Chamberlain, Jackson Colorguard2004
Chin, Jaimie colorguard2005
cline, patrick baritone1999 to 2000
Coons, Kevin Tenors2001
Cruddas, Anthony Contra2004 to 2005
Devins, Conor Pit2009
Edelman, Erica guard2002
Espy, John Pit2003
Flory, Michael Soporano2000 to 2002
Franks, Mandy Baritone2005 to 2010
Friedman, Aaron Bassline2001 to 2002
Gabaree, Nikki (PITA) Guard1999 to 2003
Garr, Lezlie Baritone2001 to 2003
Genna, Greg Contra2002
Gipson, Derek brass caption head2005 to 2006
Green, Linzy ColorGuard2003
Hatchell, Rusty Colorguard2004
Hauck, Justin Colorguard2004 to 2006
Hayes, Brady Soprano2003
Hejka, Michael Front Ensemble1999 to 2002
Hendrixson, Paul Baritone2009
Hohman, Joseph Baritone2004
Hollis, Jon Contra2004
Huffman, Andy Mellophone2000
Janicek, Chad Drumline (snare)2001
Johnson, Charles Tour Staff1998 to 2000
Kobina, Emilia ColorGuard2003
kogan, nikki colorguard1999 to 2002
Kuiper, Chantal - "Tilly" Colorguard2001 to 2003
LaClair, David Pit2005 to 2006
Marshall, Robyn BARITONE2005
McCormick, J.T. Colorguard2002 to 2003
Mills, Jami pit2003 to 2004
Moede, Megan Front Ensemble2005
Moore, Chris Mellophone2003 to 2005
moore, Rasheed LOW Brass2003
Mott, Ben Baritone2002
parker, alisha Guard2003
Patrick, Bobby Visual Staff2001
Peel, Bernie Driver2000 to 2001
Radwan, Jonathan Snare2005 to 2006
Randall, Tom "Randle El" Trumpet2002 to 2004
Raymond, Joe Hornline2005
Drum Major2006
Refsnider, Patrick Mellophone/Contra2000 to 2001
Richards, Johnathan bassline1999 to 2000
Robinson, Katie Guard2002 to 2004
Robinson, T.J. Trumpet2004
Robinson, TJ Trumpet2004
Scheibelhut, Aaron Euphonium2004
Schirtzinger, Nicholas sop/trumpet2000 to 2002; 2004
Sharpe, John visual staff2004 to 2005
Simmons, Christopher Pit2001
Sines, Allaina Soprano2003 to 2004
Smith, AJ Front Ensemble2002
Smith, Scotti Trumpet2003 to 2005
Snell, Kevin Color Guard2004 to 2005
Snyder, Andrew PIT2003 to 2004
Sparks, Stephanie trumpet2004 to 2006
Szulis, Ray Guard2003
Tanner, Brandon Trumpet2004
Theuwis, Coen Bassline2004
van der Geest, Menno Baritone2004
Visconti, Shannon Colorguard2003 to 2004
Visconti, Shannon Colorguard2003
Warfield, Bryen Brass2006
Wells, Jason soprano2000
Wilson, Jesse Bassline2005
Yingling, Gregory Euphonium2003 to 2004
Zoss, Angela Brass (Mellophone)2003

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