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Member Listing for Empire Statesmen Rochester, NY
Active Senior Corps founded in 1983 Did you march Empire Statesmen?
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Affronti, Mark "TIGER" Drumline2004
Avnet, Tyler Pit2005
Braman, Russ Contra2006 to 2008; 2010; 2012
Campbell, Roderic Bassline1999
Cannon, John Baritone1985 to 1987
Coleman V, Edward tenor1999 to 2000
Snare2003 to 2005
Colon, Brian Baritone1984 to 1986
Cook, Chris Color Guard2000
Corcoran, Colleen Soprano2001 to 2002
Davenport, Tom Soprano1986; 1988 to 1990
DeCourcey, Tanya brass/soprano1988
DeStefano, Aimee Colorguard1999 to 2000
Eldridge, Julia Baritone2004 to 2005
Espeut, Nicole Guard2001 to 2003
Everett, Jake Lead Baritone2011 to 2013
Fine, Dale Baritone2005 to 2006
Gamin, Kevin Euphonium2000 to 2001
Gamin, Kevin Baritone2000 to 2003
Hankerson, William quadline/bassline1983
Hartmann, Melinda flag2012 to 2013
Heer, Scott Low Brass1995 to 1997
Hemingway, George Melophone2004
Hoholuk, Rich Brass1993 to 1998
Hoholuk, Stas Drumline - cymbals/bass1994 to 1996
Kinane, John Percussion/Snare1994 to 1995; 1997
Lebans, Tim Baritone1983 to 1985
Mael, Doug horn (baritone)1983
Mattatall, Clayton Keyboards1983 to 1985
McILveen, Lori Mellophone1993 to 1994; 1996 to 1998
Mennecke, Nicholas Color Guard (Marched after DCI's)2003
Mills, Jami Pit 2002
Miranda, Anthony Cymbal Line2002
Monaghan, Lynn Cymbal Line1997 to 2001
Morgan, Clayton Brass2010
Mowers, Mary Soprano/Mellophone1998 to 2002
Myhand, Will Cymbals2003 to 2005
Myhand, William Cymbals2003
Myhand, William Cymbals2003
Noble, Thomas (Tom) lead soprano1983
Pennica, Derek Bass Drum1997
Pero, Joseph Soprano2001 to 2002
Peters, Brian Soprano2008 to 2010
Presley, Nick Cymbal Line/Bass Line2002 to 2003
presley, nick Drumline2002
Quinn, Janis Color Guard2002
Ream, Jeff percussion staff2001
richardson, gary Honor Guard2005 to 2011
Ruby, Tom Baritone, Contra2001 to 2002
Schirripa, Jason Tenor line2003 to 2004
Sidney, John Soprano1983 to 1989
Simpson, Michael Baritone1999 to 2000
contra2004 to 2005
Smardon, Steve baritone1997 to 2005
Smith, Lawrence color guard1992 to 2002
Staring, Heather mellophone1988 to 1990
Stork, Bill drumline1985
Summers, Rob snare1997; 2001
Then, Timothy Baritone2005
Vail, James Brass - Baritone2011
Vanderpool, Sue Snare1994
Vielhaber, David Bass Drum2010 to 2012
Way, Lauren Baritone2005
Wendel, Dave baritone1993
White, Alison Pit2001 to 2002
Wingate, Tone' Bass Drum1992 to 1993; 1996
Wise, Chris Soprano2003 to 2005

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