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Member Listing for East Coast Jazz Malden, MA
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1989 Did you march East Coast Jazz?
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homepage: http://www.eastcoastjazz.org/
Member Name Section Years Involved
Acosta, Denelle Color Guard2005
alonso, ari Colorguard2001 to 2002
Bailey, Laura Baritone1999
Berry, Eric Trumpet 22003
Best, Benton Mellophone2005
Bonslater, Bobby Trumpet2005 to 2006
Boynton, Ben Pit2002 to 2005
Bush (Collins), Patty Horn - Mello1989
Chace, Patrick Colorguard2001 to 2004
Covington, James Trumpet2004 to 2005
DaFonte, Elena colorguard2002 to 2005
Eaglin, Jarret bari1998
Elliott, David Baritone2006
Evans, Wendy Guard2003 to 2006
Finerty, Gerry Bassline2004 to 2005
Foulis, James Pit1999 to 2000
Drum Major2003 to 2005
Gangi, Stephen Pit2001 to 2002
Gifford, Big Country Trumpet2004
Gifford, Jonathan Trumpet2004
Glimenakis, Nick Tenors2004 to 2006
Good, David Pit1998
Gramazio, John Colorguard1996
Grondin, Kristen Baritone2003
Grondin, Kristen Baritone2003
Gross, Tony baritone2003 to 2005
Hatchell, Rusty Colorguard2002
hebert, timohy brass1996 to 2002
staff2003 to 2006
Hillman, Stephanie Colorguard (Flag Line)2003
Hillman, Stephanie Colorguard (Flag Line)2003
Holland, Chris Bari1998
Hunt, Brian Baritone2004 to 2006
Jimenez, Matt Trumpet2004 to 2005
Johnson, Brett Tenor2003 to 2005
Johnson, Carlos Front Ensemble (pit)2002
Kelly, Laurel mellophone2004 to 2006
Labonte, Angela Color Guard1999
LeRay, David Baritone1999 to 2002
Lombardi, Daniel Percussion, Bass Drum2001 to 2002
Drumline Visual Instructor2003
Lynch, Kevin Brass, Contra2001
Lynch, Kevin Tuba2001
Maguire, Mark Baritone2003 to 2005
Maloughney, Christa Bass2004 to 2006
Martins, Kevin Brass2001 to 2004
Miller, Ian Brass2002
Mimms, Joshua 96 Snare/ 97 1st Bass1996 to 1997
Mitchell, Erin Colorguard2005 to 2006
Mullen, Dave Pit1993 to 1994
Corps Management 2004
Operations Director2005 to 2006
Newman, Glen Battery2004; 2006
Norris, Michael Trumpet2004 to 2006
Oliveira, Craig Soprano2000 to 2001
Trumpet2003 to 2004
Oliveira, Matt Mellophone2000
Drum Major2002
Perry, Edward brass/contra1999 to 2000
Poster, Eric Baritone2004 to 2005
Visual Staff2006
Riley, James Baritone2000 to 2002
Rodney, Rob Color Guard1998 to 1999
Roy, Dave Drumline (BD#3)/DM1997 to 1999
Sardynski, Kristen drum line1994 to 1995
Schneider, Heather Colorguard2003
Spadea, Cathleen Baritone1998 to 1999
St. jean, Adam Brass - Soprano2000 to 2001
Brass - Mello2002 to 2003
Corps/Tour Manager2004
Tessier, Joshua Baritone1994 to 1999
Venitelli, Vince Trumpet2005
Vieu Jr., Dan guard1998 to 1999
Wade, David soprano1991 to 1999
wadman, amanda Color Guard1995

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