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Member Listing for General Butler Vagabonds Lyndora, PA
Active Junior Corps (Parade) founded in 1966 Did you march General Butler Vagabonds?
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homepage: http://www.vagabonds.org/
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Richard_Butler_Vagabonds_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Basham, Angie Pit2000
Beatty, Bob Mellophone1982 to 1984
Bell, Donnett Pit1983 to 1985
Brosky, Elizabeth Pit1999 to 2001
Burton, Terry visual staff2000
Cavanaugh, Pat Soprano 3, Mellophone 1, French Horn, Brass Staff,1970 to 1979
Copeland, James Brass1980 to 1981
Cribbs, Jay Baritone bugle1977
Davis, Bill Drum Line & Guard1978 to 2001
Dinsmore, Leah horn1994 to 1998
Dugan, Ray drumline1983 to 1985
Fend, David Guard/Brass/Drums1970 to 1974
Fontana, Matt Quints1997
Genna, Greg Contra1999 to 2000
Heavner, Howard H. Drum Instructor1969 to 1972
Heller, Deanne Percussion1996 to 2000
Heller, Deanne Pit1996 to 2000
Hill, Daniel (Brass) Soprano/Mellophone1998 to 1999
Kalinosky, Derek Bass Line1997
Knisely, Deb contra1984
Lopez, Alicia Colorguard1996 to 1997; 1999 to 2000
Lopez, Stephanie Colorguard1999 to 2000
Metzger, Paul Mellophone1978 to 1980
Mullen, Dan Brass Instructor1997 to 1998
Brass Caption Head1999 to 2000
Osterhout, Austin Percussion1999 to 2000
Osterhout, Kendra Colorguard2000
Pharr, William Brass1977 to 1979
Russell, Tawnya Colorguard1998 to 2000
Slate, Nicholas Drumline - Tenors1999
Street, Adam N. Tenors1994 to 1995
Baritone1996 to 1998
Tome, Jessica Percussion/Tenors2000
Weissert, Fred Baritone1983 to 1984
Winder, Todd Colorguard1998 to 1999

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